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Here's to You Graduate!


Medford, NJ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/09/2017 --Graduation is a huge achievement in life. After years of toiling, studying, group projects, presentations, and homework assignments, your grad has finally reached the finish line. They've worked had to get where they are. It's a milestone that not everyone reaches. Send them a thoughtful graduation gift from Richardson's Flowers to say congratulations and Here's to You!

The Here's To You bouquet is filled with rich colors that you graduate will love. Red is the color of joy. The red flowers will bring joy you graduates heart and remind them of the joyful occasion. Blue is the color of knowledge and power. The blue petals represent the wealth of knowledge they've acquired and the send them powerfully forth into the real world. Yellow represents new beginnings. These yellow blooms will have them looking toward their future with cheer and high hopes. Say Here's to You Grad with a bouquet from Richardson's Flowers. Add a little extra love to your gift by adding chocolate, flowers, or a teddy bear.

Achievements of this caliber this can't go unnoticed.

About Richardson's Flowers
Richardson's Flowers are a family-owned and operated business established on October 1, 1978. They are a member of the Society Of American Florists and the Southern NJ Chamber of Commerce. They have been recognized as one of Teleflora's top 500 florists from the organization's 26,000 members and are a proud member of bbrooks, a nationwide network of florists specializing in fresh, seasonal flowers arranged with exquisite artistry.