Offers a New Type of Video Greeting Card

Seven Year Old Son Inspires Custom Made, Video Greeting Cards From The Stars


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/12/2013 --The social media explosion means we’ve never been closer to our favourite celebrities. You can follow the Kardashians, Paris Hilton or David Beckham on Twitter and get a glimpse into their real lives – but a new community site is aiming to take interaction to the next level.

If you’re lucky, your idol might answer your tweet, but imagine the thrill if they actually spoke directly to you. is set to turn that dream into reality with a ground-breaking concept of personalised messages from the stars, their lookalikes and many other strange talents from tattooed folk for body art fans to clowns and princesses for kids’ birthdays. provides video messages for your loved ones for any occasion. Whether you’re looking for a birthday or anniversary message, a good luck greeting or just to tell someone you love them, a video will be something to cherish and keep forever. Robb Cain from said: “This really is a whole new concept in personalised greetings, that will make someone’s day with a special message they can keep and play back again and again."

The idea originating from Mr Cain's Six year old son Buddy who was less than pleased with his regular Birthday card last year. Questioning Dad, Buddy asked why Spiderman could not just "pop in" to say a quick Happy Birthday personally. When it was explained that Spidey is a little busy these days, he then asked for the next best thing. "Well, how about if he just sent me a video clip?" and from this was born. It has since expanded in a big way, but Buddy still consults and approves all new changes, claims Buddy's first employee, Dad.

Mr Cain goes on to explain the possibilities with Gramz greetings “Maybe you order a Happy Birthday Mr President from Marilyn Monroe to your special man, or perhaps a Congratulations Suka from Mr T? We aim to have it all, from a Terminator T800 wishing you a great retirement, to a Clown cheering up a sick child, to Britney Spears wishing you Good Luck! The possibilities really are endless, and the beauty of is that it is a gift that is truly unique and made just for the reciever.”

The website is always looking for new interesting people to share their skills and offer their talent in the form of custom greeting cards. So phase one is to load up on general talent, then to later move into Celebrities. Robb Cain adds "We are also talking with companies to set up corporate campaigns as these video gramz are extremely viral."

Young Buddy Cain, the inventor of it all, is happy with how things have grown thus far and is now ready to take to the next level (or possibly allow his Father too).