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Grand Sierra Gloves Releases New "Ultimate Winter Party Glove"

Becker Glove International, LLC dba Grand Sierra™ Gloves announced the release of a revolutionary new type of glove, one designed to change the way users have fun while enjoying beverages at outdoor events.


St. Louis, MO -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/10/2014 --The TailGator™ Beverage Glove is Grand Sierra™ Gloves next step in the evolution of the winter glove, featuring a patent-protected stow-away “Coosie” that can hold cans, cups, and bottles while out in the cold weather. This fully functioning pair of gloves keeps your drink cold while your hands stay warm.

The TailGator™ Beverage Glove uses a nylon-based “Coosie” that is constructed with stretchable material to accommodate 12-24oz cans, 12-32oz bottles, and 16oz party cups. One of the unique features of the TailGator™ Glove is the deployable beverage holder can be “stowed-away” on the back of the hand giving the wearer a fully functional warm and dry pair of gloves when not in “party use”.

Grand Sierra® is focused on the important features of high quality winter gloves. The glove body is made of soft non-pilling microfleece with rubber-tech grip palm and fingertips. The lining contains a waterproof membrane along with 3MThinsulate™ insulation for continued warmth and dryness. The most important feature of the TailGator™ Glove is the wrap-around beverage holder, designed to keep drinks insulated. The beverage holder is double-sewn directly into the seam of the glove, making it virtually tear or rip-proof.

Jon Flom, Becker Glove President declared: “The TailGator™ Beverage Glove embodies everything we stand for at Becker Glove and Grand Sierra™ Gloves, forward thinking innovation, coupled with a high quality and affordable product for our users. We wanted to give consumers something that allows them to enjoy a cold weather activity such as a tailgate party or camping trip, while focusing on maximum user warmth, comfort, and utility. Most of the other products available in the market only provide users with a single glove which doesn’t make sense to me. You also did not have a way to use the glove normally when you were not holding a drink. By having the patented beverage holder, our unique product allows users to fold and secure the holder when not in use, allowing users to take advantage of the gloves normal function. Since the securable holder is always attached to the glove, even when it's not in use, we eliminated the chance that the user could misplace or lose the beverage holder. It truly is the ultimate all-in-one party glove. ”

Grand Sierra Gloves and Becker Glove International - Patented stow-away beverage holding technology - Patent #6000058

Individual Sale MSRP: $24.99 (any size) With Free Shipping
Wholesale $120.00 for One Dozen Assorted Sizes(12) Availability:

Availability: Now on http://www.TheTailGatorGlove.com for individual sale or http://www.GrandSierraGloves.com for wholesale customers.