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Green Company Pictures Gives Audiences a Digital Age Showdown with New Sci-Fi Thriller

New black-owned Atlanta film company announces the release of the independent sci-fi thriller, “The Campbell: Traders, Gangsters, and Robots.” Celebrating their successful soft launch on July 18th, come August, Green Company Pictures will take the new slant on a futuristic film with a diverse cast to a wider audience.


Atlanta, GA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/26/2017 --And why wouldn't robots meet gangsters in a perfect symbiotic showdown in a new technology-based thriller? Makes perfect digital age sense. Bringing science fiction to a new level thanks to out-of-the-box thinking and the will to create, a new Atlanta film company thinks so too. Produced, written, and directed by twin brothers Rasheed and R. Saeed Green, "The Campbell: Traders, Gangsters, and Robots" is a homage to all things technology but with a twist. While still wholly grounded by a good old-fashioned premise, the film capitalizes on what will soon be widely available; the ability to incorporate robotics into one's everyday life. Robot sidekick, anyone?

Rasheed Green, said of the film's driving force,"This story emerged virtually on its own because of its ability to incorporate The Campbell's cast of dangerous trading posts and their eccentric managers. With this vehicle, we saw the means to continue the interactions between the traders, the gangsters, and the robots. In serial form, we plan to thicken the plot as we stay one step ahead of current technology and introduce new engaging ideas into The Campbell."

So here's the first release's plot. A loner named NN and his small robotic companion named AM desperately attempt to survive in a futuristic world run by gangsters. As NN meets one of The Campbell's unstable trading post managers, Wonnie, a simple trade turns to bedlam.

R. Saeed adds, "With the addition of something that's always been of interest to a wide audience, gangsters, we take the fascination with technology to a whole new level. Early on in the creation of this film we found that by successfully combining those two elements we really had something."

Now in pre-order on iTunes for $1.99, the twenty-six-minute film will become available on Amazon Video and Google Play on August 18th. Anticipated, the movie will be featured at the 2017 Mipcom International Exhibition in Cannes, France in October of this year. Mipcom is known industry-wide as a one of the most sought after exhibitions for current programming. Pulling from a global marketplace of entertainment content providers across all platforms, the conference will showcase nearly 2,000 exhibitors from every continent.

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Green Company Pictures was founded in 2014 by brothers Rasheed & R. Saeed Green. Their flagship film release is entitled, "The Campbell: Traders, Gangsters, and Robots."

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