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Greencocylinders' Duramaster Cylinder Line Featured in Packaging Hotline's November Issue


Tampa, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2015 --Greencocylinders, a leading manufacturer of various quality pneumatic linear actuator product lines, announced today that Packaging Hotline have featured their line of Duramasters Cylinders prominently in their November 2015 issue.

Cylinders are an important function of many industrial applications. For example, they are used in the opening and closing of doors in a pivot, circular, or open and sliding fashion. Cylinders can also be used in a variety of industrial products including auto lifts or other machinery. A quality cylinder can make the difference between a lasting industrial application and one that breaks frequently. This means that consumers of cylinders demand high quality, long lasting, and space saving products. This is what the Duramaster line offers, and why they are featured in Packaging Hotline.

"At Greencocylinders, we have 45 years of experience making high quality parts that last and serve multiple functions. We are excited about our Duramaster line feature in Packaging Hotline. We offer high quality NFPA interchangeable rod cylinders, tie rod cylinders, air over hydraulic cylinders and do many custom air piston style units to fit any application people may have," stated a company representative.

The Duramaster line has many key features, such as:

- Head Caps & End Caps: 6061-T6 aluminum alloy extrusion and black anodized for corrosion resistance. Head caps are machined from 6061-T6 aluminum for high strength and low weight. Then they are black anodized to resist corrosion and oxidation.

- Bushing Retainer Plate: Anodized aluminum. Removable with standard Allen wrenches (hex keys). This allows the bushing to be replaced easily, without disassembling the cylinder.

- Piston: 6061-T6 aluminum alloy.

- Piston Rod: C1050 steel alloy 100,000 psi minimum yield. Ground & polished with a hard chrome finish 68-70 RC. Stainless Steel Available.

- Tie Rods & Nuts: Stress-proof steel. Plated. Recessed Nuts Plated. Stainless Steel Available.

- Wear Band: Specially compounded nylon with high strength reinforced materials and impregnated with a special lubricant. Graphite impregnated wear bands on the piston are extra wide for added support.

- Tube End Seals: Reinforced fiber material.

- Piston Seals: Lip type, wear-resistant nitrile.

- Rod Wiper: Double lip wiper/seal ring. High quality polyurethane.

- Cushion Seals: Floating nitrile. Resists external misalignment. Floating cushions reduce the speed of the piston as it approaches the end of the stroke, but they do not affect the speed of the piston in the opposite direction

- All seals are Parker name brand, not generic imitation.

About Greenco / Duramaster
Duramaster is a leading manufacturer of NFPA cylinders with various pneumatic air and hydraulic cylinder designs to choose from. They manufacturer interchangeable tie rod cylinders, round cylinders, and air over oil cylinders for all kinds of industrial applications. Their air over oil cylinders creates a smooth, predictable motion by converting pneumatic pressure into hydraulic pressure. They are known for manufacturing HIGH QUALITY, long lasting designs that stand the test of time! At Greenco / Duramaster, they take pride in the fact that all of their products are MADE IN THE USA. In addition, they are ISO 9001:2008 certified (Certification No. 50471494). Customer satisfaction is their priority, and they are committed to continuous improvement of their services and products.

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