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Greensboro Landscaping Professionals Warn Consumers of Zika Virus Scams This Summer


Greensboro, NC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/29/2016 --A North Carolina-based landscape contracting firm is cautioning consumers about the potential for deception and dishonest practices amongst landscape, lawn care, and mosquito control companies, claiming to offer services that protect against the Zika virus this summer. Capitalizing from the fear and lack of information surrounding the harmful virus, landscaping and other outdoor pesticide companies are poised to falsely claim they possess a repellent or solution to eradicate the threat of virus on properties.

Longtime landscape professionals, John Wright, Jr. and Sondra J. Wright, are urging consumers to beware of these possible scams, noting that unethical businesses thrive on scare tactic marketing to lure consumers with the promise of protection against the insect borne illness.

"We're at the intersection of spring weather, increased outdoor activities, and Zika outbreaks predicted in the US by late summer. It's the perfect storm for dishonest companies to prey on unsuspecting consumers who may not have all the facts about the virus-carrying mosquitoes," says Sondra Wright, President of J. W. Wright & Associates.

The Attorney General office recently released a warning to prevent consumers from falling victim to the false marketing. It's important to note as of today, there is no confirmed cure to the spread of Zika, and any company claiming they've found the secret is scamming the public.

"Profiting from fraudulent services or selling ineffective products or cures when our country is facing public health scares is nothing new. We saw it in 2009 with the Swine Flu," said Wright. "The best we can do right now is take simple steps, like wearing long sleeve shirts and pants and using insect repellent, to avoid being bitten. The public can also help raise awareness to protect our friends and neighbors from those who try to take advantage."

Due to the heightened fear surrounding disease-carrying mosquito's, the CDC has published a guide to Mosquito Bite Prevention in the United States: http://www.cdc.gov/chikungunya/pdfs/fs_mosquito_bite_prevention_us.pdf. The publication includes a list of EPA registered insect repellents that provide safe and effective protection.

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