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Greenshine New Energy Meets the City of Tooele's Requests of Robust Lighting Without Damaging Beautification Efforts

The city increased their residential neighborhood safety while pleasing residents through solar lighting


Lake Forest, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/08/2019 --Sometimes utility can be damaging to communities, especially if the area has a lot of beautification efforts already in place. That's just the case with the city of Tooele (pronounced Toowillah), Utah. The city was already well-established but needed lighting in residential areas--safety for commuters and drivers was a large pain point for the residents. Installing a traditional lighting system wasn't very viable because yards and driveways needed trenching to run power. The city needed proper illumination but had the hurdle of trenching to get over. The best option for the community was solar lighting, and city officials chose Greenshine for their extremely cost-effective lighting products.

Solar lights are cheaper than traditional lights in the long run, but this project was special since Greenshine's lights saved the city about 1200 dollars per light on day one of the project. 20 Brighta solar lights were installed, successfully illuminating Tooele's neighborhood while saving the city several thousands of dollars. The residents' grounds were untouched, meeting everyone's needs.

"This was a great solution for both the residents and the city. We were able to get much needed light to the community without having to tear up their streets and yards in the process" said Dave Beatty, Regional Sales Manager at Greenshine New Energy.

The solar lighting project from Greenshine had such an impact that Tooele's mayor, Debbie Winn, featured the impact of solar lighting in her campaign. That's another success for Greenshine New Energy and for the Mayor of Tooele as well!

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