GreenTrav Launches Product to Reduce Global Warming One Well-Watered Plant at a Time

Handmade for delivery by Jun 2015, the GreenTrav Self-Watering Planter launches on Kickstarter to conveniently help save the planet with iconic flair.


Taipei City, Taiwan -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/18/2015 --Created to reduce global warming with an approachability that's both charming and doable, GreenTrav makes its launch on Kickstarter. Giving the public a travel souvenir with a heart, literally, the product is a self-watering planter that encourages the well-being of the planet. Helping crowdfunding supporters keep their plants without much hassle, the planter reduces greenhouse gas with a sustainable design. A design that brings to mind some of the planet's most iconic and beloved locales.

Making it easy enough for everyone to do, the GreenTrav Self-Watering Planter makes the number one reason why people don't keep plants a thing of the past. Watering is no longer an issue. The decorative planter has an innovative capillary action system that transports water from a small self-contained tank into the plant's soil. It does this via an adorable wool felt heart that comes in a choice of iconic red, peach, blue-green, lavender and orange. Dually, the ceramic planter has a customized porous structure that absorbs water. It then gives the plant just the right amount to regulate watering.

Adding to the iconic theme, the self-watering container comes in several designs. Useful for souvenir homage, one handcrafted GreenTrav ceramic planter dons a small and a large version of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The other eco-friendly planter is a larger-scale version of Germany's New Swan Castle. In addition, the planter is offered with just the white base.

Clement Lee, CEO of Hugreen Co. said of the launch, "We wanted to help people to do something about our environment in crisis. The deforestation of the planet has lead to global warming and the fact remains. We need green plants to absorb CO2 to slow it down. This little planter is one way to get started. It's perfect for adults, fun for kids, and great for awareness."

Making the self-watering container for plants all that more desirable, the GreenTrav can also transmit fragrances. Diluted perfumes or oils can be placed in its water tank and the water will transfer the lovely smell to the home or office.

About Hugreen
Hugreen is a company founded by Clement Lee that supports a sustainable way of life. Lee holds a Bachelor's degree in Resources Engineering and a Masters in Materials Science and Engineering. Continually working to support sustainability and organic farming, Hugreen an innovative company. Giving the public ways to reduce global warming the company now introduces the GreenTrav Self-Watering prototype planter via Kickstarter.

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