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Grenadine Ties and Wool Ties: Custom Made Ties


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/20/2013 --Shopping for grenadine ties and wool ties for men has just been made easier. Ties, including grenadine ties and wool ties, come in standard widths and lengths that are not suitable for every man. Linkson Jack offers grenadine ties, wool ties and other more common necktie choices through their new custom tie service, which caters for the man who prefers to specify the construction of his tie, just as he would the details of his custom made suit.

Reviews of Linkson Jack’s bespoke tie service can be found at the website of Paul Evans Shoes and DressLikeA, as well as at Put This On.

Style preference is one reason for wanting to customise the make of a tie. There is however a very practical reason why some men desire the opportunity so to do. For example, a 6 ft, 3 inches tall man with a muscular neck may walk into a clothing store and find a grenadine tie or wool tie he likes that measures just 142 cm in length. If he wears such a tie the back blade would barely extend below his neck. This is not desirable for achieving a smart and professional look. A bespoke or custom necktie service affords the tall or short man the opportunity to specify the length of his tie so that it fits just right.

Similarly, a very large man might walk into a clothing store and finds that the only width of the grenadine ties or wool ties available is just 8 cm. This width might be perfectly fine for the man of average build, but it may not be so for the large man who wants to look his best. Linkson Jack’s bespoke tie service solves this problem for the large man.

There are personal preferences unconnected with body size why a man may prefer to have his tie made in a size other than the standard ones available. It is for similar reasons he may choose to have his tie made with 5 or 6 folds, instead of the standard 3; with or without a loop at the back; lined or unlined etc.

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Linkson Jack’s ties are true luxury ties in that they are hand sewn in Calabria, Italy, using top quality fabrics from the best Italian and British mills. It takes 2 two 4 weeks for a tie to arrive from ordering. And the wait is well worth the while as is evident from the reviews in the bespoke tie section of the Linkson Jack website at

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