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Gritty Spanish Releases Advice from the Experts About How to Avoid Language Learning Pitfalls

Gritty Spanish Founder, Eldon Mirjah, has rounded up the best language learning experts to give their advice to make learning languages easier for everyone.


Bronx, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/21/2017 --While many people dream of being multilingual, or at least getting by in a foreign language while on vacation, anyone that has tried to learn a new language knows all too well the difficulties. Language learning can cause foreign language anxiety and can put people off learning a new language altogether.

Eldon Mirjah, the founder of the excellent Spanish learning materials, Gritty Spanish, understands the frustrations felt by language learners everywhere. One of the main issues Eldon noticed is when learners muster the confidence to talk Spanish to a native and only get a response in English; "I know people learning Spanish face these issues and it can be extremely frustrating and deflating, so much so, it can lead to someone saying, 'to hell with learning Spanish', and end up quitting".

To encourage language learners not to give up, Eldon interviewed many language learning experts so that he could write a comprehensive advice guide for language learners everywhere. Eldon wants everyone to avoid the pitfalls and truly enjoy their learning experience. The experts spoke candidly to Eldon about their experiences and problems while learning to show everyone everywhere that they are not alone in their plight and even the experts have been in similar situations.

The article is an engaging and fascinating read with many experts generously offering their guidance. While the case study has a focus on Spanish, the advice can be applied to every language and can boost the confidence of language learners everywhere.

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