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Grow Your Own Potatoes Anywhere with Paul Potato, the World's First Professional Potato Tower


Bodensdorf, Austria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/28/2018 --Paul Potato, the world's first professional potato tower that allows anyone to grow their own potatoes anywhere, is live on global crowdfunding platform Kickstarter and trending fast having already raised over $100,000.

Growing potatoes can be a difficult task requiring a ton of space and work. Paul Potato is a groundbreaking new planter tower that allows users to grow and enjoy fresh, organic potatoes grown right from the comfort of their home. The Paul Potato's innovative vertical design and watering system makes the planting and growing process simpler and easier than ever before.

"For one of our most important vegetables, there is not satisfying solution for home production- and that is the potato. I love potatoes and I want them to be fresh and organic just like my other crops," says co-founder Fabian Pirker. "But growing potatoes the traditional way requires a lot of work and loads of space. And with pest problems, harvesting can easily turn into a very disappointing experience. As professional designers of raised beds and smart garden solutions, we though its really time to change the way we grow potatoes. So we created Paul Potato- the ready to plant potato tower."

Compared to traditional planting methods, Paul Potato allows users to grow up to ten times the amount of potatoes on the same space. This is the result of an intensive two year research in cooperation with leading gardeners and the University of Natural Resources in Vienna.

Paul Potato is easy to set up and offers various ways to plant potatoes. The modular tower has a sophisticated water distribution system, built-in vole protection and a space-saving design that works together to maximize efficiency and yield. The handling of Paul Potato is incredibly easy- users simply need to fill the compartments of potting soil and put in the seedlings of their choice. After planting, regular watering is all that is needed and in 16-20 weeks fresh vegetables are ready to be enjoyed.

"Paul Potato is designed to make it simple and easy for you to grow and consume organic potatoes right from your own backyard," adds co-founder David Dietrich. "Back us now and we promise once you've tasted the incredible flavors of freshly harvested, biologically home-grown potatoes you'll want to have them again and again."

Paul Potato currently live and available to support on Kickstarter:

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Gusta Garden GmbH, founded in 2017, is a company based in Austria, Europa. With a collective 30+ years of experience in gardening , sales and production, Co-Founders Fabian Pirker, Armin Buttazoni, Lukas B├╝rger and David Dietrich are on a mission to provide simple solutions to DIY farmers, especially for potatoes.

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