GTHEARTS Is an Urban Bag Brand That Captures the Spirit and History of the Mayan Culture


Guatemala City, Guatemala -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/01/2016 --GTHEARTS, the urban, classic and colorful bag brand inspired by Mayan culture and history, is live on Indiegogo and raising funds to bring the project to life.

GTHEARTS has created a line of urban bags handcrafted with real leather and Mayan huipil, each finished with exceptional designs. Each bag captures the spirit and art of Ancestral Mayan Art. Mayan huipils can take up to six months to be knitted, so wearers are buying more than a bag, they are investing in a unique piece of art.

"We wanted to let the world know the wonders of our country Guatemala but in a modern and different perspective," says co-founder Kimberly Hernandez, "For a long time we have share the pleasure, admiration and appreciation for the art crafts of the mayan culture, so when we visualize this opportunity, the first thing that came to our mind was to bring to the world a unique and innovative product that will be exclusively elaborated in our country by mayan craftsman."

More than half of Guatemala population is Mayan. This people have ancestors, history and traditions in common. Each tribe has its special and different qualities like its unique clothing. The typical dress of the Mayan women is the beautiful huipil that is use in the torso, below the torso they wear "the corte" which is a big piece of threat knitted that is wrapped as a skirt and a woven belt tied at the waist to hold this special skirt.

Most of the typical cloth is made by hand for centuries; however not all of the Mayan people are using its traditional clothing because each huipil takes a lot of time to knit and they are very expensive. There are 23 different ethnics in Guatemala, each wears different clothing and that is the main reason why there is a great diversity of hupiles. Each GTHEARTS bag reflects the incredible history and culture of the Mayan people.

At launch, GTHEARTS has created a variety of bag styles- a big duffel, an envelope bag, barrel bag, round hobo, tote bag, a classic messenger bag, a classic handbag, a classic envelope bag, the urban messenger bag, the urban handbag, and a urban laptop bag. With GTHEARTS line of bags, the company hopes to share with the world the beauty and rich history of Guatemala.

"We thought: "Why not make huipil handbags but with a modern and urban touch?" After we visualized it, we decided to fuse it with authentic leather and high quality accessories with the goal to make an original and attractive product," adds Hernandez, "Our biggest desire is export them and let many people of different parts of the world have at their reach a part of our beautiful country at their side."

The GTHEARTS campaign is currently live and available to support on Indiegogo:

Our company was founded in Guatemala with the idea of expanding our brand all over the world. We produce high quality handbags which are handmade, elaborate with Mayan hupils and authentic leather. Our main intention in GTHEARTS goes beyond producing bags because with your purchase you help sustain the Mayan communities that live with scarce resources, giving them a work opportunity and an extra source of income to sustain their homes and keep alive this beautiful tradition.

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