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Guide to Best Beds for Side Sleepers Released by Best Mattress Brand

Learn about the top traits for comfort and pain relief in the guide to the top mattresses for side sleepers.


Phoenix, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/09/2016 --Since side sleepers comprise the majority when it comes to sleep position preference, plenty of people seek out the most comfortable bed for side sleeping. The latest guide from the Best Mattress Brand website explores the subject and explains the most important factors for prospective shoppers to consider.

Titled, "Best Mattress for Side Sleepers: Avoiding Back & Hip Pain,", the article was published September 8 in full. Within, readers get introduced the basics of beds, the mechanics of side sleeping, as well as a few top-rated picks from editors.

The key factors in selecting mattresses for side sleepers are identified as firmness, support and pelvic rotation. For each component, the blog describes why it matters for comfort, and the traits to look for in beds for optimal rest.

Based on their extensive brand research, Best Mattress Brand highlights a couple of the best mattresses for side sleepers based on the aforementioned factors and reviews. These include the Amerisleep Liberty memory foam mattress, the Tempur Cloud Prima mattress and others from Sealy, Serta and Sleep Science. All options are in the middle price range, between $1000 and $1800 in queen size.

Although the mattress provides the basics for creating comfort and support, other factors also influence pain when sleeping. The guides provides pointers for reducing back pain for side sleepers, such as proper posture, pillow placement and more.

The article includes helpful charts and summaries throughout, perfect for in-depth reading or a quick skim. Find the full article on the website along with other helpful guides to the top mattresses of 2016, holiday sales, and more.

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