Guide to Eco-Friendly Mattress Alternatives Released by Bed Ed

Mattress and sleep blog announces their in-depth guide to eco-friendly mattresses, designed for both casually green and comitted organic shoppers.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/28/2014 --Eco-friendly and green trends show no sign of fading, and one place people are increasingly seeking healthier products is in the bedroom. But with often confusing and misleading marketing, it isn’t always easy to make sense of what’s eco-friendly, or what the term even means.

Bed Ed, an established sleep and mattress blog, recently produced a detailed guide for consumers explaining green buzzwords, eco-friendly materials, and comparing bed types. Published July 26, the article is titled, “Guide to Finding Eco-Friendly Mattress Alternatives”.

The article begins by attempting to explain and define terms like “eco-friendly,” “chemical-free,” and “VOCs” to offer insight for readers. Bed Ed also explains agencies that regulate mattresses, and lists the major certification bodies that oversee claims like organic and low-VOC so consumers know what to look for.

Materials considered eco friendly or healthier are covered as well, including fabrics, padding, foams, and others, with a brief explanation of what makes each greener than traditional choices. Bed Ed looks at fire barrier chemicals as well, providing pointers to readers concerned about potential toxins.

The final portion of Bed Ed’s guide contrasts categories of eco-friendly mattresses, including latex, plant-based memory foam, and innersprings. For each category, the blog gives an overview of what to look for and lists brands that market eco-friendly mattresses, along with their specifications and price ranges.

Bed Ed designed the guide to appeal to shoppers that are simply interested in healthier beds as well as die-hard organic buyers, offering information that will prove helpful for almost anyone buying a new bed. The full eco-friendly mattress guide is publicly available on the website, along with many other articles on sleep, mattress selection and related subjects.

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