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Guide to Mattress Reviews Released by Consumer Mattress Reviews

Blog announces it latest article, a guide explaining how shoppers can use reviews to get a better bed.


Tucson, AZ -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/04/2014 --The internet offers consumers numerous benefits, like easy access to information and efficient comparison shopping. Among these, one of the most significant advantages remains the ability to access a wealth of reviews on products and companies before buying.

Consumer Mattress Reviews, a blog specializing in beds, recently published a guide for readers explaining how to find and leverage reviews when shopping for a new bed. Published June 1, the guide titled, “CMR Buying Guide: Mattress Reviews,” explains the why reviews prove advantageous for shoppers and offers tips on utilizing information.

Spotting trends, testing claims, and gaining ownership insights are among the main benefits of checking mattress reviews before buying, according to the article. However, the blog concedes that all reviews are not equally beneficial, as some can be more prone to bias and manipulation. The article contrasts the differences between testimonials, endorsements, reviews, and verified reviews to show readers what to watch for. They also compare potential sources, including brand websites, product review websites and others.

On the subject of how to use mattress reviews, the blog offers tips both on comparing types and individual brands and models. They include a basic summary of satisfaction rates for the major mattress types, and suggest consumers use averages as baselines for comparing performance. The article stresses that no mattress will please every reviewer, but that trends should be generally positive especially for less subjective factors like service and durability.

The guide offers several important and useful tips for shoppers, especially those who may be new to using reviews or those who have not bought a new in several years. Consumer Mattress Reviews also links to their previous guide on choosing the best mattress for those seeking more information, and invites readers to participate in a poll on reviews and trust.

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