GuidoMaggi Set to Open World's First Elevator Shoe Showroom in Milan

Luxury Elevator Shoe Brand GuidoMaggi Will Open the World's First Elevator Shoe Showroom in Milan’s Brera District.


Milan, Italy -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/28/2016 --Italian footwear brand, GuidoMaggi, will open its first showroom on Dec. 1, 2016 in Milan at 18 Via Fiori Chiari in the historic Brera. The showroom is the first elevator shoe showroom in the world, showcasing the brand's latest selection of height increasing sneakers, loafers, boots and dress shoes, which are handmade in Italy and tailored by a team of skilled local artisans. Managed by Andrea Clessi, the flamboyant designer behind the "Clique Rielaboratorio", the store's interior design was intended to exude optimal luxury. Clessi carefully selected the store's furniture, with each piece echoing the same passion and skill found in GuidoMaggi's line of luxury elevator shoes. The brand currently delivers elevator footwear to more than 90 countries worldwide.

"To open a showroom in the capital of fashion has always been our goal," said GuidoMaggi CEO, Emanuele Briganti. "A company with a focus on exports like ours, which relies solely on e-commerce as a sales channel, sought to create a real experiential path. We have created a place where you can develop a sense of intimacy with the product. Choosing a shoe goes well beyond the simple visual factor. It also involves other senses, through the scent of leather, its softness, its comfort. Our company was founded as a craft workshop. We cherish these roots as they continue to guide us through the global market of e-commerce. Our new showroom allows a closer look of our craftsmanship. Our mission is to increase the stature of people who feel this need, and achieve it in a way that is natural, elegant and with maximum comfort."

GuidoMaggi shoes are created by hand utilizing two different methods of construction. Some shoes boast Blake seaming, which involves a single seam holding together the shoe's outsole, lining, upper and insole. Others include Goodyear stitching, created by a master craftsman attaching the outsole to the welt — a meticulous process requiring skill and patience. GuidoMaggi's collection of luxury elevator shoes can discreetly and effectively increase height by 2.4 to 5 inches instantly.

"Our strictly artisanal production provides classic elevator shoes, loafers, sneakers, boots and ankle boots, made by skilled craftsmen using the finest leathers and high quality materials. We also carry a unique and prestigious line of footwear made from exotic skins such as python, alligator, crocodile, ostrich and piracucu. GuidoMaggi is the only producer of shoes that utilize the skin of this rare and valuable Amazonian fish," said Briganti.

As a brand, GuidoMaggi accommodates a unique clientele, specifically the modern gentleman seeking to increase his height, style and self-confidence. GuidoMaggi's clients settle for nothing less than superior quality and absolute comfort. The company offers an exclusive bespoke experience, allowing customers to customize a pair of elevator shoes to their exact specifications, selecting from a range of color, leather and internal lift options. The showroom allows for direct interaction between the company and its customers, offering a more inclusive experience than ever before.

GuidoMaggi's Italian history is rooted in passion, skill and dedication. "Ours is the first showroom for elevator shoes in the world," said Emanuele Briganti, "and will be the ideal meeting place in which to breathe innovation and tradition; where each shoe has a soul and a story of its own to tell."

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