GuidoMaggi, the Premiere Source of Handmade Elevator Shoes, Celebrates 100 Years of Fine Footwear

A fine tradition of Italian elevator footwear for the past century


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/29/2019 --Representing a mix of comfort, elegance, and a discreet increase in height for the wearer, GuidoMaggi Luxury Shoes is today celebrating one hundred years of fine, handmade footwear which has no equal in the World. GuidoMaggi is an established Italian luxury shoe brand that offers a qualitatively superior product, made to measure with fine leathers, handmade with traditional techniques, and enhanced with its 'invisible internal benefit' – height increasing technology.

One hundred years ago, a young master shoemaker returned from the Great War, with a desire to produce top quality footwear for the discerning client who could afford the best, and demanded the best. In short order, he had five artisans working for him, producing fine riding boots and dress shoes. He attracted the attention of the wealthy, nobility, and even the Savoys, the royal family.

By 1940, Guido Maggi had 12 workers producing his products, but the beginning of the Second World War meant some of those young men went off to war. Of those, some never returned. By the end of the war, production resumed, in fits and starts, but eventually ended in 1954 with the sudden death of its founder, Guido Maggi.

Half a century later, Emanuele Briganti, the current CEO and grandson of Guido Maggi revived the family business with a unique added benefit: discreet height increasing technology inside the shoes. Here is why he wanted to make elevator shoes, in his own words:

"I have always worked in the fashion world, as wearer, but I'm 175 cm tall and sometimes I had some problems on the catwalk. So I started looking for a solution that would allow me to recover those few inches missing for the fateful 'quota 1.80(meters) '. Unfortunately - or fortunately - on the market I found only men's shoes aesthetically questionable, poorly finished, cheap, poor quality and definitely not very elegant. So I decided to make them alone. And to do them well, like my great-grandfather Guido Maggi, whom I did not know but of which evidently harbor traces in DNA."

Guido Maggi said, roughly translated, "To make people walk well, the shoes must be made by hand". Emanuele personally designs the styles, carefully selects the best leathers, and follows each stage of production. Each pair of height increasing shoes is truly bespoke.

The first pair of GuidoMaggi shoes was purchased online on May 15th, 2012 from the United States. In 2016, the first GuidoMaggi direct sales outlet opened in Milan, in an old building located in the prestigious Brera district. In 2018, the Asian headquarters of GuidoMaggi opened in Tokyo's chic Shibuya. In 2019, the company moved to its new headquarters in Lecce.

For those who demand top quality, superior style, long-lasting comfort and the best hand stitched leather, these luxury shoes help you look taller, fashionable and confident. At GUIDOMAGGI, our mission is simple: provide the best elevator shoes in the world to our discerning clientèle.

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