Guitar Canvas Is the First Flat Wireless Speaker and Amplifier for Displaying Guitars on the Wall


Santa Monica, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/15/2017 --Guitar Canvas is the first all-purpose wireless speaker and guitar display. As well as guitars, the battery-powered amplifier is suitable for all types of electronic instruments and audio devices, allowing musicians and music fans to play their instrument or stream their music wirelessly and enjoy up to 200 watts of stereo sound anywhere, anytime.

Guitarists can plug directly into Guitar Canvas using the 1/4-inch mono jack. It includes inputs for a microphone, stereo-instrument, stereo aux, and an output for a recording line. It is compatible with a pedal board wirelessly or by connecting the cable to reverb/chorus, distortion and more.

Guitar Canvas is the invention of Jason Bernard Jr. and Tinormous, a community for student and teacher innovators throughout the USA. The team describes Guitar Canvas as being "the coolest wireless speaker for guitar enthusiasts, whether beginner or pro."

"Guitar Canvas is an upgradeable wall speaker enclosure to display a guitar or bass beautifully while sustaining the look of guitar amplifiers," explains Jason, co-founder of Tinormous. "It rocks at parties, guitar lessons or in your living room or studio. Guitarists can use it as a practice amp while playing along with prerecorded tracks, and because it has multiple audio inputs band members and friends can get together and jam on a single Guitar Canvas for up to 12 hours or sync multiple Guitar Canvases together via WIFI."

As well as electric, acoustic and bass guitars, Guitar Canvas is suitable for keyboards, electronic drums, and microphones, as well as smart tablets, mobile phones and smartwatches.

No-tools needed to hang your Guitar Canvas on the wall and the hooks that are included and can hold 100 lbs in weight. It has been designed to showcase a guitar or bass on the wall to look and sound its very best.

Guitar Canvas includes a strap for easy carrying, as well as a 12-volt rechargeable battery and a battery charger (additional batteries available for extended playing). The team intends to experiment with color combinations and designs, including printed lyrics and graphics. They also plan to incorporate features such as WiFi and Bluetooth, a slide-out removable pedal board, and many other innovative options. "Everything we make will be modular and fully upgradeable to allow for future components," continues Jason. "Guitar Canvas is patent pending. Our team is excited because this is just the beginning."

To find out more, purchase a Guitar Canvas, or contribute to this Tinormous project, visit the Kickstarter page here: