The First and Only Electric Guitar Accessory That Makes Your Guitar Sound Like a Banjo

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Stow, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/16/2015 --Everyone recognises the sound of a banjo playing. The banjo lends its sound to many musical genres and is easily recognised by its distinctive twang. Playing a banjo, however, is not as easy as many people think. Even guitar players struggle, as the banjo requires an entirely different set of chords to be learnt and even a different style of playing. Guitarists and musicians who are looking to create the unique banjo sounds using their own electric guitar can achieve it now with the Guitar-Jo!

Guitar-Jo recently launched its Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and expedite the process of bringing Guitar-Jo to the public market. After creating 8 different prototypes in the past 9 months, founder Jon Langberg is offering backers a chance to have their very own Guitar-Jo before the product goes to market.

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There is nothing like the Guitar-Jo on the existing musical market, making it as unique as its name and an extraordinary product. The Guitar-Jo is within the field of guitar accessories, and is marketed toward those musicians who have the desire to innovate the sound of their guitars. A banjo sound cannot be imitated through digital effects and so the only other option is to learn to play the instrument. This can be intimidating as the banjo is so different to a guitar, requiring a completely different style of playing. It also poses the problem of cost, as musical instruments do not come cheaply. With the Guitar-Jo users can achieve banjo sounds without the expensive price tag or the daunting task and demanding schedule of learning a new instrument.

The Guitar-Jo is placed under the strings of the guitar and consists of 3 dampening pads to create the banjo-like sound when adjusted properly to the correct height. There is a technical side to creating the sound, but it is extremely practical as it uses a new micro-suction technology to stick to the guitar face. Jon admits that the electric guitar is ideal, but that on an acoustic guitar the sound is too unpredictable, making its recommendations for electric only.

In the competitive and evolving technical world, it is rare to find a device as useful and entertaining as the Guitar-Jo, and it is an exciting adventure for Jon and his family. For wonderful banjo sounds on the familiarity of your favourite guitar, back Guitar-Jo and you could be receiving yours very soon!

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