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GVS Became KNX Awards Featured Nominee for "Publicity Awards"

Good news! GVS became KNX Awards Featured Nominee for “Publicity Awards” by virtue of its Guangzhou Metro Line 21.


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/16/2020 --The unique open international standard in smart home and intelligent building industry --

What is KNX?
KNX is an open international standard in the field of home and building control. Meanwhile, KNX Association is an international organization to promote KNX technologies and standards across the world. It holds KNX Awards Ceremony to select model projects of global KNX engineering and present awards at scene every two years.

Since GVS's participation in KNX Association in 2008, it has become one of the first batch of domestic enterprises introducing European KNX technologies as well as an OEM supplier officially designated by KNX Association. It owns the K-Bus System and the KNX-based core protocol stack developed by itself.

The metro intelligent lighting solution are innovative in theories and advanced in technologies. They are provided by GVS for the Guangzhou Metro Line 21, shortlisted for the KNX Awards Ceremony for Publicity Awards.

With K-BUS of GVS to build smart metro

The total length of Guangzhou Metro Line 21 is 61.6 km, including 40.1 km underground lines, 6.8 km tunnel lines and 14.7 km elevated roads.

Towards the long Line 21 passing through sections of complicated geological conditions, over ten million lamps and equipment should be prepared. To construct a smart lighting engineering of rail transit at such a level with superior difficulties, it is necessary to meet extremely high requirements in communication stability and system openness.

In line with the design principle of adapting measures to local conditions and comprehensively considering various factors, GVS install scene panels not only at smart control terminals of metro equipment, but at doors of metro control rooms, which is convenient for metro staff to adjust light brightness manually in specific areas under special circumstances.

Plus, to reduce the complexity of manual operation and the power cost of metro operation, GVS has launched a variety of KNX products in Line 21, including KNX switch, KNX touch panel, scenes, timmer, current measurement, DALI control, brightness & motion, center control, etc.

The K-BUS intelligent lighting system provided by GVS meets KNX, the open international standard, and is compatible with the third-party protocol goods. It promotes various electric equipment to interconnect under metro usage scenarios, improves efficiency of later metro operation and maintenance, reduces related cost, and saves over 30% of electrical energy than that of sites installed by conventional approaches.

Currently, depending on K-BUS intelligent lighting system, GVS has serviced Guangzhou Metro Line 13, 21, 14 (Sino-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City) successively. There are 40 stations among three Guangzhou Metro Lines, which is the largest KNX automation system project in globally metro system.

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