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GVS Wins Several Awards in Smart Building Summit


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 03/05/2020 --Nowadays, smart home is facilitating the daily life of many families as it has increased the fun of home life and helped to solve the problems caused by inconvenience, for example you can shut down all lights or TV with one touch, or you can switch on your lights remotely from your office.

An important company who started the smart building solution is GVS, started from 1999, GVS has been specializing in smart home solutions for over 20 year. In 2019, GVS has won a few major awards in the summit of smart building and security, including "2019 Top Ten China Real Estate Smart Home Award" (one of the most prestigious professional awards in real estate and real estate design), "2019 Top Ten Brands of Smart Home", "2019 Guangzhou Top 100 Enterprise Award". These awards prove that GVS is now an influential high-tech company in the smart building industry.

The smart IoT service of GVS covers from smart security, smart home to smart health-care, the company is becoming more professional and the business scale is extending to its full.

Smart Security
Starting from the core component of intercom, GVS has been working on video intercom products 20 years. Relying on the rich experience of building intercom, big data, cloud computing, and IoT technology, the company is now offering smart smart security solution, which is part of the latest smart city concept. This solution has integrated access control, video intercom, elevator control, alarm, property management, and other services into one system. One of the core product -7-inch Outdoor Station H-OS06 can provide clear video intercom service and security alarm function for residents in the community. With this system, the communication and safety of the residential communities will be improved to a higher level.

With all its continuous efforts in the field of smart security industry, GVS has won the "2019 Top Ten Brands of Smart Security Award".

Smart Hotel
GVS has developed an ideal intelligent control system fitting different types building constructions. The 55m Multi-Functional Thermostat for example, is a perfect product solution for hotels, because in every hotel there'll be some AC, HVAC system, while this thermostat fits almost all types of HVAC systems. Moreover, the 55mm KNX push button serious also included 1-4 gang push buttons for controlling all kinds of KNX functions, lighting, shutter, scenario etc.

Smart Home
Smart home solution is also one of the main solutions that GVS has been promoting. The smart home appliance solution of GVS can be realized through a single touch panel, or just a few push buttons, simple and flexible while strong in reliability and stability. Besides, operating from a touch panel instead of the tedious operations from a traditional push button be much fun for the people. Let along the situation when there's an iPad or iPhone app which allows you to turn off the light remote from your office or when you are thousands of miles away from you home enjoying the holiday. All these conveniences, GVS CAN DO.

The emergence of smart home not only represents the current needs of the time being but also the technology trend of future.

About GVS
Founded in 1999, Guangzhou Video-Star Intelligent Co., Ltd., is one of the earliest enterprises headquartered in China who provides solutions of smart security and smart building. Relying on professional technology and heartfelt services, the products of GVS are now being used all over the world. Its services also extends to an brand new field – smart healthcare and elderly care when they combined the intelligent technologies of their old business. Let's get smarter with GVS solutions!

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