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GWC Valve International Ready to Meet the Demand of Industrial Valves in the Global Market

As a leading industrial valve manufacturer, GWC Valve International, is ready to meet the demand for valves with the growing global market.


Bakersfield, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/30/2014 --According to the latest Frost and Sullivan analysis,, of the market, Africa and Latin America require an increasing number of valves and actuators for their growing oil and gas industries, creating an emerging market for these products GWC Valve International,, is well-positioned to fill. Combined with demand growth in more developed economies, the future holds great opportunity for GWC Valve Industrial.

According to a Frost & Sullivan, part of this growth is fueled by swiftly developing oil and gas industries in Africa and Latin America. Companies there are racing to tap into abundant natural resources on these two continents. Foreign investment is growing and domestic economic activity is also helping to facilitate growth in these emerging economies. Any infrastructure built for this purpose will require industrial valves and components.

In addition to the Latin American and African economic expansion, continued growth in developed countries in North America and Europe are also contributing to greater demand for industrial valves. Infrastructure needs and continued oil and gas development requires valve and actuator components. In addition to oil, gas and water systems, the chemical industry will also spur strong demand for valve components in years to come. In fact, the chemical industry is expected to be one of the top markets for valves and actuators.

As leading industrial valve manufacturers,, GWC Valve International’s record of quality products and customer service, as well as its supply and manufacturing networks puts the company in an ideal position to capture much of the growing market. GWC stands ready to meet the demand for high quality valves that meet tough industry standards. The company meets rigorous standards for quality set by International Standards, the American Petroleum Institute, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

With GWC’s global reach, its manufacturing capacity and its excellent reputation for valve solutions, the company will meet the demand for industrial valves. Visit for more information.

About GWC Valve International
With its headquarters in Bakersfield, California, GWC Valve International, Inc. manufactures and distributes industrial valves to major users all over the world. GWC produces a full range of valves used by oil and gas producers, power companies, chemical production producers and also the mining industry. Today, the company holds a strong presence in America, Asia, the Middle East, and Europe as well as South America.

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