GyroPalm Launches Indiegogo Campaign for Next-Generation Smartwatch


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/12/2019 --GyroPalm, LLC., the creator of GyroPalm, announces the campaign on Indiegogo from December 9th, 2019 through January 17th, 2020, to introduce the world's unprecedented and patented gesture-control wearable/smartwatch designed to control electronic devices, computers, appliances, IoT devices, and robotics, with a flick of the wrist. GyroPalm's campaign has already met theirgoal in just two days (105%)! The link to their campaign video at Indiegogo is:

With the GyroPalm wearable/smartwatch, and in certain cases also with its base, users can control electronic devices and robotics within 3,000 feet with a flick of the wrist. With WiFi setup in advance, users can even control these in different parts of the world. According to the editor of GadgetFlow, GyroPalm is a connected smartwatch that is actually smarter than the rest. GyroPalm is the next-generation smartwatch, the trend for tomorrow!

Most users can adequately use GyroPalm with four to five gestures. Moreover, users can create customized gestures. Advanced functions are performed through cloud technology. Walking up and down the stairs numerous times a day is no longer necessary now. GyroPalm can function properly even in noisy and/or dark environments.

"GyroPalm is an excellent technology that could improve and simplify the daily activities of many people. It's an incomparable gift when an idea becomes reality and positively impacts people's lives," according to Dr. Suresh Garimella, a board member of National Science Foundation (NSF) advising U.S. President on scientific matters, and President of University of Vermont.

Extraordinary Gesture Detection: GyroPalm reliably reads one's gestures by using an array of sensors to detect the wrist and hand movements. An accelerometer and digital compass are embedded inside every GyroPalm wristband to ensure that user's commands and gestures are always recognized. In fact, GyroPalm offers 5 pre-configured gestures and a set of 5 customizable gestures and can retrieve unlimited gestures in the cloud interface. It can be configured for applications which use three-dimensional control.

Long Distance, Low Latency, and Secure: GyroPalm offers an impressive long-distance, low-latency range of up to 3,000 feet in line of sight. With seamless bridging of protocols, our wearable can virtually give you superpowers! One can even allow friends to communicate with one's devices. Signals sent are as secure as the car alarm remote.

Redefining Wearable Device: Using premium sensors, shareable gestures, and state-of-the-art automation platform, it can control numerous things that an ordinary smartwatch cannot. Additionally, it has most features, if not all, that are available on a typical smartwatch such as time-keeping, weather update, smartphone notification, pedometer, and more.

Infinite Accessories: Most importantly, GyroPalm is the only device which provides its own accessories. We provide home automation accessories in our packages and even offer the GyroPalm IDE for developers.

"Rarely do you see a company launches a new technology with numerous accessories that enable it to be incorporated into so many varieties of uses. I can certainly envision GyroPalm becoming a huge success and offering an almost endless number of new gadgets and applications," recommended by Lonnie Bentley, Co-founder of

Minimal Installation Work, Instant Calibration: GyroPalm is easy to be used and has minimal installation work. The product works out of the box and can be set up in less than a few minutes. Moreover, GyroPalm wristband only takes a few seconds to calibrate. No hassles with calibration or tedious installations.

Simultaneous and Alternative Control: GyroPalm allows the user to instantly share control with anyone with an additional GyroPalm wearable. However, with GyroPalm's alternative control, only one person can control a specific device at a time.

Bioinformatics: GyroPalm not only enhances the quality of life of people especially the immobile ones, it can help medical professionals to monitor patients' motions through proper configuration.