H-Spaces Will Provide Workers with a Modern Work Area Wherever They Travel in the World


Berlin, Germany -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/03/2017 --Workers that need to travel around the world, but struggle to find suitable co-working spaces when they need them, will benefit from h-spaces. High quality work areas called 'h-spaces' will be available globally. Pricing will be cheap, fair and transparent.

H-spaces can be anywhere that co-working can be productive and fun. This could be an office, a golf course or a public park. While some spaces may be considered unconventional when compared with traditional working areas, for consistency, all h-spaces offer the same style and feel, with modern and comfortable furniture. This will tackle the problems faced by workers that are mobile, including freelancers, creatives and nomads, who can use h-spaces and have access to a well-equipped working area at an affordable rate.

To begin with, h-spaces will exist in London, Zurich, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Paris, Vienna, Dublin, Munich, Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin and Lisbon. In the future, h-spaces will be opened in locations in Asia, Latin America and the U.S The modern work areas will incorporate natural materials in their minimalist design and will contain comfortable chairs, contemporary furniture made in Italy from wood and glass, and state-of-the-art, convertible standing desks. Some h-spaces will incorporate Family and Play Zones and there will be a Privacy Area for quiet working.

Property owners will use h-spaces to find tenants and will benefit from less vacancy periods in a high tenant turnover environment. Costs will be lower than those typically associated with marketing a work space and h-space will provide all the hardware and handle the advertising.

The 'h' in h-spaces stands for 'human' since primarily h-spaces are community focused. The team behind the concept believes that everyone deserves a comfortable place to work, a space where they can feel at home and build, grow and connect with their peers. H-spaces is about culture, values and uniting people, rather than making money.

H-spaces has pledged to fund at least one hot desk in an emerging market economy for every 10 hot desks they build in Europe or the U.S. People in disadvantaged areas will also benefit as h-spaces will provide infrastructure, IT know-how and online work, and allow people to connect with one another.

Plans are in place to create an award-winning app that will be an easy all-in-one management console to help users connect and align their work day. Members of h-spaces, called 'citizens,' will be able to create a profile to showcase their work skills and interests. The app is expected to take advantage of AI and data in the future.

H-spaces has been launched on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to raise partial funds for the first 20- 40 spaces.

To find out more about h-spaces, to make a pledge or to offer practical support, visit the Indiegogo page here: