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Habitat for Humanity to Build High-Performance Homes That Are Affordable

Even with using new technologies, it has been a growing challenge to build high-performance houses affordably, could this be the answer?


Roberts Creek, BC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/02/2014 --In this "build sustainably, or don't build it all" world that we live in, it's growing more difficult for nonprofits like Habitat for Humanity to meet this standard, while keeping their homes affordable for those that typically struggle to cope with the cost of housing.

Eon Building systems, a building materials company in Roberts Creek British Columbia is now raising money, through crowdfunding to make this difficult challenge, possible in the foreseeable future for Habitat for Humanity.

This initiative gives Habitat for Humanity the ability to manufacture their own building materials, using their volunteer workforce, right at the home building sites. This is accomplished with a portable factory concept that Eon has come up with, that makes it easily moved where required and then produce the materials "just-in-time" for the home under construction.

This innovative concept greatly reduces the cost of materials, reduces shipping and has a speed of assembly advantage as they build the houses.

Ultimately, these materials produce a more sustainable and more energy-efficient home then traditional wood frame construction with many advantages to the homeowner.

"The system" uses concrete panels in a spline and groove assembly process that works much like "Legos" and creates the entire interior and exterior wall of the home in a single step.

Because the surface of the walls are completely finished concrete, there is no need for multiple layers of cladding such as weather barriers, siding or drywall and represents a significant savings in materials and time of installation.

Of course, there is more to a high-efficiency, quality home then cost savings. So how does this system address these concerns?

Eon handles the qualities "expected" in what is considered a "high-performance" home in a different way from other systems that keeps costs under control.

Energy efficiency is probably the most important aspect of a high-performance home. By utilizing thermal mass and high R-values, these materials can achieve excellent energy efficiencies.

-Green and sustainable – currently, no home is considered "high-performance" if it cannot demonstrate sustainability. By replacing wood, plastics and other synthetic materials with concrete and steel materials; the carbon footprint, especially over time is greatly reduced.

-Maintenance and durability - although not always considered part of the high-performance standard, the ability to "last a long time" sure seems to makes sense. This materials unique blend of concrete provides a highly durable product that resists the effects of time, weather and other types of damage.

-Safety issues - with severe storms on the rise due to global warming, high-performance homes now include safety considerations as it pertains to hurricane and fire. This material provides a concrete envelope that is much more resistant to these types of incidents then traditional wood frame construction.

Currently Eon building systems is running a crowdfunding campaign at indigogo.com to help Habitat for Humanity gain the leverage this system offers. Anyone who is interested in energy-efficient, sustainable, high-performance, affordable homes being part of our future, should have a look at it, Here.

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