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Hamee Corp, a Leading Cell Phone Accessory E-Commerce Company, Announces Successful Showcase of New and Existing Line at CES 2017


Las Vegas, NV -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/12/2017 --Leading cell phone accessory e-Commerce company, Hamee Corp, owner of the iFace brand, successfully showcased its new and existing line at CES 2017. Through this CES event, iFace showcased all the product line and also launched a new lineup - iFace First Class Sense, First Class Pastel, and new car mount lineup.

iFace Sense is an ultra premium case with a different texture. It aims to go beyond design and function of the case. iFace Sense focused on texture, the feeling of the case. People touch their case more than any other gadget during the day. The texture of the case should be important.

The iFace Sense case used unique materials for comfort hand grip and avoid fingerprint smudges on the case. It looks premium and feels premium.

iFace First Class Pastel is one of the popular choice for women. It's pretty color edge gives a fresh look on a phone case.

Face Car mount series are designed to hold a phone with the iFace cases. New stand clip type car mount will give more stable position for a phone in the car.

iFace(http://www.iface.com) case recently became an Instagram phenomenon in Japan and Korea. iFace cases are given as presents to each other and shared on Instagram. iFace case brand is new in the USA, but it has been a popular case choice in Asia since 2010. Hamee Corp, founded in 1997 is a publicly traded company in Japan and is well-known for its cellphone accessory focused e-commerce.

iFace's mission was to make the most protective case, and yet, to have a great design and functionality. iFace case design stood out from other case with a hourglass shaped design (S-Shape) for easy grip and preventing slippery drops. It's built with double injection molding and has urethane honeycomb shaped interior for maximum shock absorption. And it has a versatile design - Black/white, Pastel, Metallic and Camouflage Series and it is also great for customization.

iFace First Class was upgraded when it launched for the North American market on the Kickstarter campaign. The project was successfully funded on July 2016.

The upgraded iFace First Class M Plus case is a patent pending with a metal plate directly inserted into its case body. All magnetic car mount requires a metal plate to be placed either on the phone or in between the phone and its case. With no concern about the metal plate falling off or affecting the appearance of the case, iFace case is a solution as the metal plate stays hidden.

iFace's line up consist of First Class, Revolution, Evolution, Sensation, and Innovation.

1. First Class - Most comfortable grip phone case ever!
- Hourglass shaped design (S-Shape)
- Double Injection Molding
- Honeycomb shaped interior

2. Revolution - Streamlined shape phone case: Inspired by Macintosh mouse design.
- Streamlined shape design
- Double Injection Molding
- Honeycomb shaped interior

3. Sensation - Slimmer version of First Class: But has all the shock absorption function.
- Slimmer shape to match the phone
- Double Injection Molding
- Honeycomb shaped interior

4. Innovation - Store your card inside of case!
- Great design with great functionality
- Double Injection Molding
- Honeycomb shaped interior

5. New Generation - Most slim case ever in iFace series
- Slimmest case design
- Protection bar for phone camera

6. Sense - Ultra Premium case with a different texture!
- Hourglass shaped design (S-Shape)
- Unique and premium texture feeling
- No fingerprint smudge on the case
- Double Injection Molding
- Honeycomb shaped interior

For more information visit www.iFace.com.

To watch a video about the product line visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsKuJ5TnTWo&feature=youtu.be.

David Jung, Director