Handmade Austrian Ambient Lamps Don't Just Illuminate; They Promote Rest and Relaxation


Worgl, Austria -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/09/2017 --Stunning accent lamps take on a new light with bernstein.wald luxury wooden lights. Made with genuine Austrian stone pine wood from the European Alps with the finest Austrian craftmanship, the eye-catching lamps emanate an alluring, dark amber glow that transforms the room into a place of repose and relaxation.

On top of that, the wood of the bernstein.wald lamps boasts restorative properties. A Joanneum Research study found that exposure to the anti-bacterial Austrian Stone Pine may improve sleep by saving up to 3,500 heart beats per night, resulting in more restful sleep.

As the subtle, pleasant scent of the Austrian Stone Pine permeates the room, it will help preserve the body and circulatory system, and ameliorate anxiety. This may be particularly helpful for children who suffer from night terrors or anxiety at night.

The bernstein.wald lamp is perfect for any room of the home. In bedrooms, it soothes the psyche and promotes restful sleep. In the living area, it can foster relaxation after a difficult day, and provide a calm atmosphere in which to unwind. If turned to a lower setting, it could turn your living room into a place of romance and mystery.

Handmade in Tyrol, Austria, bernstein.wald luxury lamps incorporate the newest LED technology, making them energy efficient, with a low power consumption of just 6-10 kWH/1000h. The hanging lamps are easy to install and the table lamps boast an innovative three-step touch sensor to adjust the desired amount of light. As an added bonus, every bernstein.wald lamp comes with a free LED bulb that has a life of up to 25,000 hours.

The sophisticated and stylish bernstein.wald lamps will be made available to the public through a crowdfunding campaign on the Kickstarter platform on October 5, 2017. Backers will be able to choose from the line of bernstein.wald lamps, and will be the lucky first owners of this impeccable, holistic brand.

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Beauty. Tranquility. Innovation. Nature. All together in a breathtaking, elegant lamp that fosters relaxation and impresses your most discerning guests.

bernstein.wald is proud to present the world's first healthy ambient light that marries the serene properties of the Austrian Stone Pine with sophisticated design and energy efficient sensibility.