Happy Roots

Happy Roots Makes Watering Plants Easier Using Rainwater


Copenhagen, Hovedstaden -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/24/2017 --Happy Roots, the revolutionary new irrigation system that uses rainwater to water plants, is live on Kickstarter and raising funds to bring the project to life.

Happy Roots is an easy, smart and flexible way to water plants using rainwater - the collected water does all the work, through its built-in plant watering system. Thanks to Happy Roots, the all-new innovative watering unit, an easy and smart way for plants to get the vital water they need, has been created. It is a brilliant design that saves time in both watering and maintenance.

"In Scandinavia, we have a big challenge with rain these years - in average it rains every 10 days in Denmark, and with the new environmental changes we experience heavier rainfalls, that flood basements and gardens, and longer periods without any rain at all," says Lars Hartmann, partner of Byland, the company behind Happy Roots. "We therefore wanted to create a watering solution that would collect and use rainwater as well as contain it for later use. In the creation process we found, that not only could the device (that was later called Happy Roots) be used in our plant beds; but also in gardens, flower boxes, on terraces etc."

The Happy Roots irrigation units are installed underneath the soil of plants and is designed to capture large amounts of rain during times of excess downpour. The excess water is retained at the bottom of the system and transported upwards towards the roots when it is needed, ensuring happy roots and thriving plants.

Happy Roots is produced using sustainable bioplastic, and the use of rainwater for irrigation is a great substitute for using water from the hose - it saves an enormous amount of water, and is great for the environment. Global trends show that rainfalls will continue to be bigger, and the droughts longer. The most sustainable solution is to collect the rainwater and use it later when needed. Happy Roots is therefore not only an environmentally sound solution - it also gives the garden hose and water bill a break, saving water and money.

"The climate is changing; the temperatures, the rainfalls, and the periods of droughts. The droughts of course affect our water use. In California in 2015 for example, they imposed a mandatory water restriction which entailed a 25% reduction on all local water supply agencies," adds Hartmann. "We love our water. Let's save it."

Happy Roots is currently live and available to support on Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2kccB5D

About Happy Roots
Happy Roots is developed in Denmark, Scandinavia, by us - the landscape architects and designers Lars and Steffen. Our company Byland is a Copenhagen based multidisciplinary design studio, with its roots in landscape architecture. We work with organic materials in our various design concepts for homes and gardens. Our designs is mostly inspired by nature and are developed with respect for both traditional handcrafts as well as the environment.

Happy Roots came to life in the summer of 2016, while we were designing a group of sustainable raised plant beds. We wanted to integrate a watering solution into our plant beds, but couldn't find a cheap, smart and sustainable solution on the market - so we decided to create our own!

For more information on Happy Roots please visit http://gethappyroots.com