Harperwoods Opens Indiegogo Campaign for Customizable Luxury Footwear Designs


Tracy, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/24/2017 --Luxury shoe producer Harperwoods has announced an Indiegogo crowdfunding campaign to produce an innovative new line of design-your-own-shoes. This luxury footwear brand is revolutionizing the industry with a simplified method for customers to create high quality, customized footwear. Early bird perks are available to Indiegogo backers who make pledges before these limited availability items are claimed.

Harperwoods brings a world-first to the ever-expanding shoe industry: a simple method to let anyone design their own shoes. Combining the latest technological advances alongside the premium workmanship, these shoes are changing the way customers think about a new pair of shoes. No matter a customer's style, fashion, or preferences, they can easily design the type of shoe that reflects exactly who they are.

Harperwoods provides customers with a Virtual Design Studio – a truly open canvas of creativity for personalizing the perfect design. Customers can choose from a variety of styles and sizes that match their tastes. From there, they can experiment with various colors and designs to find the perfect combination for their shoes.

Harperwoods shoes marry luxury and style together in this easy-to-use design interface. By linking high quality with creativity, there's no telling what types of amazing shoe designs customers will create. This allows customers to develop the exact type of shoe they want – without compromising any of the features. And this type of fully personalized interface has already changed the way people think about buying their shoes.

The company also adheres to a strict level of quality control in their craftsmanship to provide products that are built to last. Their goal is to preserve the tradition of shoemaking as an enduring process while shifting the conversation forward into the new world of technology and innovation. All of these aspects come together to create a truly one-of-a-kind shoe buying experience.

While the initial fundraising goal has already been met, Harperwoods' Indiegogo campaign still has several early bird specials available to claim. Backers can pledge to buy anywhere from one pair of custom designed shoes all the way up to ten pairs. These limited time rewards offer steep discounts of up to 37% off the retail price. However, once they're claimed, they're gone – so interested customers should make their pledges immediately to ensure they get the discount.

To learn more about how the custom design shoe interface works, or to make a pledge and claim a pair of shoes, visit the Harperwoods Indiegogo page today.