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Harvest Seasonal Grill Announces Four-Course, Plant-Based Dinner This September


Newtown, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/26/2019 --Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar, known for serving health-conscious, farm-to-table fare, is hosting a special three-course dinner, featuring an exclusively plant-based menu. With nine locations spanning the Greater Philadelphia area, each location of Harvest Seasonal Grill offers local and sustainably sourced cuisine, with ample vegetarian and vegan options.

Harvest is hosting its second company-wide plant-based dinner on September 12th at 6:30 PM at all nine locations. For only $39, guests can enjoy a four-course pre-fixed menu of fresh, plant-based meals. For guests over 21 years of age, for only $59 each course comes with a wine pairing. The wine pairings include white and red wines from Italy, California, and Portugal, hand-picked by Harvest's wine experts.

Dinner begins with a roasted beet toast on sourdough, with squash purée, beet relish, meyer lemon oil, chives, and cashew créme fraiche. Course number two is a green apple fattoush salad, topped with a pomegranate molasses dressing. The third course is a creative impossible root vegetable lasagna that consists of butternut squash, beets, celery root purée, fire-roasted tomato, macadamia "ricotta", and crispy parsnip. For dessert, guests can enjoy a plant-based "oatmeal raisin cookie" crisp, consisting of black currant granita, stone-ground Irish oats, tahini, and lemon cashew crema. Courses one and two are paired with white wines, while the third and fourth course come with red wines.

Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar is happy to share this inclusive, plant-based menu with their vegetarian and vegan guests, as well as all others interested in a plant-based meal. "It can be hard for those with dietary restrictions to find an upscale meal that fits their needs, and at Harvest we strive to provide farm-fresh vegan and vegetarian options" said Lexie, a rep for the company. "We're excited to share our second plant-based dinner special and we hope our guests enjoy the innovative menu!"

Reservations for the plant-based dinner can be made by calling the Harvest Seasonal Grill in your area.

About Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar
Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar serves fresh, unique dishes with ingredients sourced from local farms with sustainable practices. With 9 locations, Harvest is committed to serving eco-friendly, high quality, and health conscious meals. Their menu changes on a seasonal basis to ensure premium freshness. Harvest Seasonal Grill and Wine Bar also serves over 50 wines, seasonal cocktails, and local craft beers. To learn more about Harvest Seasonal Grill & Wine Bar, or to book a room for private dining, visit: https://harvestseasonalgrill.com/group-dining/

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