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Has Online Shopping Finally Killed Tradition?

Knowing Your Options Is Half the Battle


Pensacola, FL -- (ReleaseWire) -- 12/18/2019 --It's that time of year again. Twinkling lights and garlands decorate every light pole around town while ubiquitous Christmas songs emanate from every radio station and department store speaker. Couples walk hand in hand down the street while children play under the watchful eyes of Elf on the Shelf. But let's not forget the most cheerful tradition of them all—shopping!

Shoppers descended upon the storefronts as early as Thanksgiving, rushing to check everything off their list twice, much like a jolly, white-haired fellow we all know. Parking lots are full and decisions must be made—do you pick your way through the crowd to get the discounted TV or do you pay full price for the convenience of staying home in your pajamas? The debate between online and in-store shopping rages on this holiday season.

Proponents of the in-store experience tout the enjoyment of shopping during the holidays. Hearing the musical stylings of Bing Crosby and drinking a peppermint mocha while perusing the aisles for the perfect gift has long been a seasonal pastime. These shoppers choose to weather the sea of sales ads because they find value in the process as a whole.

On the other end of the spectrum, online shoppers choose to eschew long lines at the register in favor of a digital shopping cart. For many, online shopping saves time so they can participate in other holiday events like Aunt Sally's ugly sweater party. They choose to interact with stressed-out holiday shoppers when they feel the need and not a moment before.

Though holiday shopping is rife with decisions—brave the crowds or miss the experience—everyone gets to choose how they participate. Maybe this year you chose to go with a friend, only to be hauled through the stores like a pack mule. You swear next year will be different. Next year, you will choose a better shopping buddy and map out the trip over one last piece of pumpkin pie before heading out the door. These choices are so simple in context, yet we struggle with the same decisions in our daily lives. In the ebb and flow of life, we often lose focus on what is important to us and end up living by someone else's rules.

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