HashGains Crypto Mining Data Centers to Run of Renewable Energy

HashGains, a leading cryptocurrency mining data center, has decided to venture out and create mega data centers on renewable energy.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/09/2018 --HashGains, a leading cryptocurrency mining data center, has decided to venture out and create mega data centers on renewable energy. With the advent of the increased harmful emission of gasses and electricity cost, HashGains decided to move towards renewable energy and generate electricity via solar and wind energy.

"We have launched a crowdsale to develop these mining centers in India and Canada. The idea behind the crowd sale is to work on freely found energies and channelize them for the betterment of the community" ascertained by Anuj Bairathi.

The HashGains ICO proceeds will be utilized in setting up its mega data centers in India and Canada with a total capacity of 75 megawatts. The main crowdsale will start on 17th Feb 2018.

According to a survey, there are a total of 1757 cryptocurrencies operative in the market right now and one can very well imagine how much power a cumulative mining process would consume." affirmed Mr. Bairathi.

HashGains rightly targets this rising concern and has come up with a great solution- green cloud mining data centers that will run on solar and wind power.

According to estimates, the solar power industry will soon experience a technological jump and solar panel producers will benefit from rising figures in sales targets. HashGains plans to harness energy from solar radiation and windmills to fuel their mining operations.

Solar power helps cloud miners get back into the competitive mining industry.

Solar energy is only one form of renewable energy that miners are utilizing in today's world. Great opportunities abound in geothermal power, hydropower as well as wind power. HashGains' data centers will run on renewable energy which is not only cheaper but also better for the earth in the long run.

HashGains Leadership Team has explained their ideology behind the incorporating HashGains and their further plans: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KtSBwx8IJ4A&t=152s

You can join the HashGains Crowdsale & help in developing one of the mega cryptocurrency mining data centers. HashGains is a project of Futuristics Internet Services LLC backed by Cyfuture. HashGains enters the main crowdsale on 17th Feb 2018.

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