HashGains (HGS) - A Dividend Paying Token Introduces Bonus During Its Crowdsale

HashGains, a leading cryptocurrency mining data center has introduced a unique bonus program for its investors. HashGains offers 30 to 50 % bonus on the sale of its tokens along with other token discounts. Pre-sale is currently running with around 70% subscription and the main crowd sale will start on 1st March 2018.


Houston, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 02/19/2018 --HashGains, a leading cryptocurrency mining data center has introduced a unique bonus program for its investors. HashGains offers 30 to 50 % bonus on the sale of its tokens along with other token discounts. Pre-sale is currently running with around 70% subscription and the main crowd sale will start on 1st March 2018.

Cryptocurrency mining is an integral part of blockchain ecosystem without which existence of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum etc. is not possible. HashGains is raising funds to build cryptocurrency mining data centers on renewable energy, preferable solar and wind. HashGains ICO Token Sale has been receiving ground-breaking response from investors across the globe. In just a matter of 3 days, 51% of the tokens were already sold out and the demand for HGS tokens reached an all-time high.

"We would also like to appraise everyone that HashGains is assured of 100% subscription to its ICO and respects the suggestions of investors. We would like to assure investors that company would not refrain itself from taking a decision in the interest of investors wherever required. Further bonus which has been planned by HashGains would be distributed from free reserves and leftover tokens of partners, eco-system, bounty and referral programs and hence for each sale period company has announced minimum and maximum bonus caps viz 30-50% bonus tokens in pre-sale, 20-40% in tier 1 and 10-30% bonus tokens in final sale." assured Anuj Bairathi, CEO and Founder of HashGains

However, the recent fluxes in the crypto market took a toll on the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum and many other cryptocurrencies and the celebratory phase came to a major halt. This, following a series of other such unfortunate events, held the interested stakeholders from investing in HashGains ICO, which is denominated in fiat currency instead of cryptocurrencies. The loyal patrons and supporters of the ICO have brought this matter to light and HashGains has taken note of the same. Given the current volatility in the markets and the increasing demand for HGS tokens, the HashGains management team has henceforth decided to extend the sale period and introduce an added bonus to all stakeholders for bearing with us and maintaining parity between the investments.

Time is hardly a constraint when it comes to determining the popularity of HashGains. This unusual venture is all set to achieve a 100% subscription in coming weeks. More so, because of multiple advantages offered by tokens including free Bitcoin cloud mining and dividend to all tokens from the profits generated by mining of various cryptocurrencies.

After full deliberation, HashGains has decided that the bonus will be circulated from free reserves as well as from leftover tokens of our partners, the eco-system, the bounty program and the referral program. The bonus will be automatically credited to your personal ERC-20 supported ether wallet once the transaction has been affirmed by the network. Bonus tokens may be used in the same way as the regular ICOs for purchasing mining plans as listed on the HashGains website.

ICO participants who have already purchased the HGS tokens during presale need not be disappointed as HashGains has some good news for them as well. The total number of tokens in your dashboard will be increased automatically as you receive the pending bonus tokens. Initially, the company would be giving 30% bonus and later may add the bonus if tokens are left equally to all token holders which will bring down the price per token further from US$0.53(Token price without discount stands at $1). In pre-sale, you're getting minimum of 47% discount and host of other benefits.

Thus, for each of the sale periods, HashGains announces a minimum and a maximum cap on its bonus tokens. The presale period ends on 28th February and comes with a bonus cap of 30-50%. The Main Sale Tier-1 will begin on 1st March and end on 31st March. During this period, HashGains offers a bonus of 20-40%. The final sale will commence on 1st April and come to a final conclusion on 30th April. The bonus offered during this period is 10-30% of the total purchase. The minimum percentage bonus will be transferred to your wallet immediately. Other than the bonus tokens, you also get an exciting discount on HGS tokens- 30% during the Presale and 20% during Tier-1. This super deal doesn't end here, as you also get free mining power of 1GH/s for Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. This offer is applicable for every 10 HGS tokens purchased.

At the same time, HashGains continues to promote its referral campaign along with this new bonus program. Notwithstanding the adverse conditions and the poor market trends, HashGains is receiving an unprecedented response from its ICO investors. HashGains believes that this unstable phase is but a temporary phenomenon and cryptocurrencies would reach new highs once again.

About HashGains
HashGains, a venture of US-based Futuristic Internet Services LLC (backed by IT major Cyfuture), brings to you once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of its crowd sale program where funding would be used for building state-of-the-art green cloud mining data centers in India and Canada to serve the ever-growing blockchain industry. Be a part of this crowd sale and get HGS tokens with high growth potential which brings in many advantages like free hashing power, dividends, and discounts on mining plans, convertible tokens, and many more features.

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