Haven House: A Shelter from the Woolsey Fire Devastation

As the undisputed leader of addiction treatment niche in Southern California, Haven House is dedicated to sheltering the substance abuse clients that were displaced by the Woolsey Fire.


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/23/2018 --The Woolsey Fire, which was first reported on November 8, is said to have burnt close to 100,000 acres and razed over 1,500 structures in the Santa Monica Mountain area. With an unprecedented scale of devastation, the 151-square-mile wildfire has left destruction and death in its wake, scything through everything in its path: homes, businesses, the seaside, and even the "Rehab Riviera".

The "Rehab Riviera" is a string of rehabilitation centers that line the Malibu coast; a hitherto picturesque location for both local and foreign clients who seek serene, yet structured detoxification programs. At least a score of such centers (including Seasons in Malibu and Creative Care) suffered varying degrees of destruction with a number of their clients displaced. This implies that a lot of rehabilitation programs and the mental and physiological health of countless clients are threatened unless these displaced clients find succor; one of several, immaterial yet significant collateral damages that attend disasters of this proportion.

However, like the proverbial silver lining in the storm, Haven House Addiction Treatment center offers a ray of hope as it attempts to cushion the effect of Nature's attack on the sober living industry by providing sober living facilities for those clients displaced by the Woolsey Fire. With their capacity to render men and women sober living facilities, Haven House has thus far assisted over a dozen clients and staff from affected facilities with temporary housing.

They also offer their residents upscale amenities such as semi-private rooms (with a few private rooms in the men's house), media rooms, spacious living room, large kitchen and a recreation room with a computer. The housing gives the addict a great opportunity to use the tools learned in treatment while living in a supported sober living environment of recovery. Haven House's Residential Treatment and Sober Living housing are staffed by highly trained professionals, seasoned by years of working in the area of Addiction Treatment.

Since its inception in 2004, Haven House has established itself as the undisputed leader in the field addiction treatment in the Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Century City areas. Located in Beverly wood, Haven House is the ideal option for those clients in the Southern California area whose rehabilitation centers were destroyed by the Woolsey Fire.

It is dedicated to dispensing long-term sobriety via a recovery program which assists those who struggle with the transition process of recovery from Residential Treatment to living on their own again. As such, displaced rehab clients cannot wish for a better shelter from the aftermath of the Woolsey Fire.