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Haverhill, MA Dentist Strives to Take the Anxiety out of Dental Visits with Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Clancy D. Boynton, D.M.D, FDOCS focuses on giving his patients a roadmap away from fear, back to premium oral health


Haverhill, MA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/27/2015 --The list of why a person might want to avoid the dental chair is endless, from fear of pain, sounds, smells and jaw discomfort to embarrassment of current oral health - even past traumatic experiences. Dr. Clancy D. Boynton, D.M.D, FDOCS of Main Street Dental Care in Haverhill, MA understands that some of these anxious, would-be patients rank as most in need of dental care and has made a mission of promoting ways to ease their discomfort and stress. Sedation dentistry offers a way for patients to receive the dental care they need without feeling the discomfort that is normally associated with it.

Sedation dentistry is a great option for those that have anxiety about going to the dentist as sedatives are used to relax the patient to a comfortable state, sometimes even before they step foot in the office for a procedure. Inhalation sedation, or nitrous oxide, is a modest form of sedation that patients use by wearing a mask to inhale a mixture of nitrous oxide and oxygen. This method starts to have an effect within a few minutes and wears off quickly once the mask is removed so patients can drive themselves home the day of their appointment.

Oral sedation is a method for patients who may be more sensitive to pain and require a more effective technique. With oral sedation, a pill is taken prior to the appointment to deliver a more relaxed state so pain is adequately eliminated. Generally, the patient will not remember much of the visit since they are in a deeper relaxed state, though they are conscious to the extent that they remain cooperative with simple instructions.

Most of the time, a dentist will have a recommendation for what you may require to feel pain-free during your appointment. Ordinarily, most patients that need fillings will be very comfortable under the use of nitrous oxide. However, oral sedation may be needed for more involved procedures such as crowns.

Good dental hygiene starts at home, but routine visits with a quality dentist will prevent your teeth from needing advanced treatments. Dental cleanings remove build up that can potentially cause tooth decay and if a patient stops seeing a dentist, then dental problems begin. The benefit of sedation dentistry is that it offers patients a way to feel comfortable while dental work is performed, from simple cleanings to crowns, fillings and much more. As a result, patients get the proper care towards preventing any dental issues before they become significant problems.

About Dr. Boynton
Dr. Clancy Boynton and the talented staff at Main Street Dental Care endeavor to provide their patients with a relaxed, comforting atmosphere no matter what past experiences or anxieties they may harbor towards dentistry as a whole. Dr. Boynton has over 30 years experience in general dentistry and stays up-to-date with the latest techniques through extensive continuing education.

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