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HDfx 360 Ultra Premium Lens Released for Smartphones That Outperform DSLR's

The lens that attaches to the smartphone takes smartphone photography to the next level, allowing people to produce stunning pictures. The HDfx 360 has won some awards including Global Photography Association“, “CMA Award from the Consumer Mobile” and the” International Photo Lens Association Awards.


San Francisco, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/20/2016 --A new lens that connects to a smartphone as an attachment has proven to outperform some DSLRs. The HDfx 360 Ultra Premium Lens was engineered to give people better quality images with their mobile phone, allowing them to take pictures that look like a professional photographer with expensive equipment has taken them.

Since being launched, the HDfx 360 has generated a lot of excitement with gadget experts and cell phone users. The Premium Lens (, which brings together three precision lenses that fit over the camera on the smartphone improve the quality of images the user takes. The three lenses are the Fisheye lens, which allows for creative and panoramic photographs, the Extensive Angle Lens, that makes taking selfies and outside shots more enjoyable, and also included in the Macro Lens, which provides amazing sharp close-up shots.

The premium and scratch resistant lens can be fitted within seconds to a smartphone and removes the need to purchase expensive DSLR cameras when looking to take better pictures for special occasions, holidays, or even for blogs and websites. The lens attachment can also be used with the smartphone video camera, making it an all in one accessory where it improves still pictures and video images. With the quality of the pictures and the affordability, some gadget experts have said some makers of DSLR's need to be concerned about this new technology.

- Scratch resistant aspheric lenses that protect the lenses from dust and water
- Records HD videos and life like photos
- Comes with a microfiber cleaning kit with the quick fasten clip to hold it on the phone
- Shoots all the focal lengths
- Has 180-degree field of view with its fish eye lens
- Magnification of up to 2x through optical zoom with macro lens
- Auto focus up to 100% and auto stabilization for clearer capture

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About HDfx 360 Ultra Premium Lens
The HDfx 360 Ultra Premium Lens has won a number of award including the Global Photography Association", "CMA Award from the Consumer Mobile" and the" International Photo Lens Association Awards

Contact Details:
Company Name: HD fx360
Contact Person: Andrew Black
Address: 1058 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94103
Country: United States