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HDL Automation Earns Its Spur in Home Automation System


Guangzhou, China -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/06/2020 --During the outbreak of COVID-19, the "non- contact mode" turns the smart home into a hot topic. The growth rate of the smart home industry has been increasing since the emergence of the concept of smart home in the 1980s, which attracts a large number of enterprises to devote themselves to the research of the home automation system. As a veteran in the field of smart home, HDL Automation takes the lead by virtue of advanced Internet of things technology and intelligent control system and has made proud achievements.

The HDL smart home solution is to link lighting, curtain, air conditioning, and other household equipment into the HDL home automation system by generic cabling and IoT technology and control with smartphones, tablets, and smart panels.

Mastering the mature technology of the home automation system, HDL Automation spreads its successful cases of smart home around the world. The successful cases of the HDL home automation system have been witnessed and widely praised in all over the world, such as Canada, Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, and Ecuador.

As a matter of fact, HDL Automation's global reputation depends on its foresight and the support of the technical team.

Driven by high and new technologies of intelligence and automation, the smart home industry has entered a period of rapid development. China Foresight Research Institute reported that the smart home industry is expected to maintain a high compound annual growth rate of 38.3% from 2019 to 2023, and expand the scale of 500 billion yuan in 2023. The United States is the country most used home automation system in the world, followed by Japan and Germany. HDL Automation has established sales and service centers, in more than 100 countries and regions around the world, composed of core agents, distributors, and engineers to provide integrated solutions for the market.

As for the technology, the intelligent control system independently researched by HDL Automation is divided into a wired system and wireless system. Among them, the wired system is called "Buspro", which allows users to control lighting, shading, air conditioning, floor heating, home entertainment, and so forth through control terminals. It is not only widely used in the field of smart home, but also can be seen in office buildings, hotels, and other places.

Buspro wireless is HDL's wireless intelligent system, which can be connected with conventional electrical equipment, allowing users to control the equipment in the building through control terminals. The home automation system of the project in Saudi Arabia consists of 43 residential buildings with a total of 1248 departments and 6240 wireless products.

At the same time, HDL Automation is a member of the KNX international organization and a board member of the KNX China organization. The intelligent products supporting the KNX protocol ensure the reliability and professionalism of the HDL home automation system.

Urban intelligence promotes the development of the smart home. Besides, it is foreseeable that the home automation system is no longer limited to one room under the development of the Internet of things. HDL Automation will continue to further study in other fields other than home to truly improve people's quality of life.

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HDL Automation is an international technology company which has been committed to the fields of smart home, building and hotel for more than 10 years, with its headquarters in Guangzhou. With a professional product R & D team, HDL has accumulated tens of thousands of project cases and won industry's authoritative awards. HDL hopes to cooperate with more powerful partners in intelligence, and respond quickly to meet diversified demands of smart home, buildings and hotels through strong customer service and technical support teams.

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