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HDTV: How $14.95 Can Save You Thousands

Alfred Poor’s popular guide to HDTV is now priced 60% lower!


Perkasie, PA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 04/16/2008 -- Now available in paperback from Amazon and other book retailers, the best book on HDTV is now priced nearly 60% lower. Many satisfied customers paid $37 for the first and second editions of Professor Poor's Guide to Buying HDTV: How You Can Save Thousands of Dollars and Avoid Making an Expensive Mistake When You Buy Your Next TV. Now the book is available for $14.95.

The author, Alfred Poor, has more than 20 years experience in displays and related technology. He was a Contributing Editor and Lead Analyst for Business Displays for PC Magazine, where he developed the rigorous testing protocols used to evaluate projectors and computer monitors. His deep knowledge of HDTV and simple technological explanations give you the tools to choose the best HDTV for yourself, confident that you've made the right choice.

After two years of selling the book direct through his Web site,, he has chosen to end the direct marketing, and focus instead on standard retail outlets, including Amazon. As a result of the savings, he is able to greatly reduce the cover price for the book. This is not a limited time reduction; this is now the list price for the book.

Using a simple formula (display+signal+source=HDTV), Poor gently leads the consumer through the hows and whys of HDTV. As an independent expert, he strips away the distracting and misleading claims and counterclaims, showing what actually makes a difference in what you see. And, best of all, since he is not trying to sell any particular product or any particular technology, this is information you can trust.

Reader Praise for Professor Poor!

“After reading your material, I have become our company's resident expert on HDTV. Your book in general and chapter material on LCoS specifically steered me toward LCoS and I'm glad I went in that direction. Thanks for a great product that made me a much better informed-consumer.”
Val Burzynski

"I just ordered your guide to HDTV, and it's great! It's far better than any HDTV book out there.”
Joe Gabela

About the Author:

Alfred Poor spent more than 20 years writing reviews for PC Magazine, as well as other computer magazines including Computer Shopper and Family PC. He has more than a half dozen computer book titles to his credit, including several for Microsoft Press.

In addition, he is an internationally-recognized expert in the display industry, working as Senior Editor and a Senior Research Associate with Pacific Media Associates, a leading market research firm in the large screen display market, where he works on HDTV and related issues. Mr. Poor is also the co-host of "The Personal Computer Show" on WBAI on Wednesday evenings at 8 PM Eastern, where he helps thousands of listeners on the radio and on the Web with their computer problems.

Professor Poor’s Guide to Buying HDTV:
How you can save thousands of dollars and avoid making an expensive mistake when you buy your next TV
by Alfred Poor

ISBN 978-0-9651975-2-6
Available from: and other fine booksellers

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