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Headset Buddy Announces Specialized Headset Splitters That Help Smartphone Owners Do More with Their Devices

Headset Buddy® has officially announced the debut of two new specialized headset splitters for smartphones – the Green Giant and the White Knight.


Austin, TX -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/24/2015 --Headset Buddy has today announced the availability of two new headset splitters designed to help iPhone, smartphone, and tablet owners get more out of their devices. The Green Giant and White Knight will take their place beside the company's other innovative headset accessories, including its new series of external microphone adapters, the ClearMic, and the MoovMic.

The Green Giant audio splitter is designed to split the microphone and audio channels of a smartphone, and helps users add a high-quality microphone for recording while listening through a headphone, or to allow the use of a PC gaming headset with the device. The Green Giant splitter is actually the next generation of the company's existing 01-PC35-PH35 device. The splitter is designed to work with both monaural and binaural headsets and delivers a premium recording experience for users.

The White Knight headphone splitter is different. This is a mic-enabled headphone splitter, which allows two people to listen to music or a conversation, with one person able to use a headset microphone. Owners can also use this adapter to connect speakers while keeping their headset connected. Alternatively, those using a credit card reader, such as Square®, could connect that device while still keeping their headset plugged into their smartphone.

Both of the new headset splitters share a compact, square form factor designed for durability, portability, and flexibility. The Green Giant and the White Knight models are designed to fit around most iPhone cases, ensuring that users have a hassle-free experience. Both are compatible with all Apple, Android, and Windows smartphones and tablets.

"We realized there were several needs that could be addressed with our new smartphone headset splitters," said Bryan Daigle, owner of Long Tail Products. "Both models were designed to help smartphones be even smarter."

To learn more about the new Green Giant and White Knight headset splitters, visit Headset Buddy Adapters.

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