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Heald College: Student Doc and Prep Service Advises Students if They Qualify for Loan Forgiveness

A leading loan forgiveness expert encourages former Heald College students to contact them to get assistance overcoming their student loan debt!


Los Angeles, CA -- (ReleaseWire) -- 05/13/2016 --Heald College closed its doors one year ago, and the State Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs announced students can potentially clear their loans. However, it was announced today that only a few applied for loan forgiveness. Student Doc and Prep, who are experts in dealing with loan forgiveness. They are calling on former students to contact them so they can help significantly reduce their student loan debt.

A spokesman for Student Doc and Prep said: "When the parent organization, Corinthian Colleges, announced the sudden closure of Heald College, the U.S Department of Education stepped in and agreed to forgive student debt. However, the complicated paperwork and the procedure has put students off from applying."

A lot of former Heald College students are concerned by the complicated paperwork involved. Many others are not aware that help is available to them throughout this process. This is why Student Doc and Prep has made its mission to make students aware that loan forgiveness exists, determine if they qualify, and enroll them in a professional manner to ensure that every student borrower that qualifies saves time and money on their student loans!

Receiving help is a simple process. By filling in the contact details on, the student borrower would then receive a phone call explaining more about the service and the potential assistance they can receive.

Student Doc and Prep continues to receive positive reviews for the services they offer including one from Barbara Paulson, who was suffering from student debt, said of the experience she received with Student Doc and Prep:

"At first I didn't know what I was going to do, I was drowning in student loan and. Then my friend told me about 'Student Doc And Prep'. So I gave them a call, and they helped me get my student loans forgiven. My credit has significantly gone up, and more importantly, I don't have to stress over this nightmare of a situation anymore!"

To learn more about Student Doc and Prep and how they can help with student debt, please call 844-867-5623 Or visit

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Student Doc And Prep, understand that paying back the debt of a student loan is difficult enough. When a student can't afford it, he or she is left with no option but to look into alternatives to paying the original loan.