Healing Pretty IndieGoGo Campaign to Donate 1,000 Books to Women's Cancer Organizations in Canada & U.S.


Windsor, ON -- (ReleaseWire) -- 10/12/2018 --More than 14 million people hear the words, "you have cancer," each year —nearly half are women.

While their care team prepares them for the medical side effects of cancer treatment, women are left to deal with too many of the physical and appearance-related effects on their own. Cancer often affects all aspects of a woman's body, from their skin to hair to nails, and many deal with additional complications from mastectomies and other surgical procedures.

Healing Pretty,authored by Jackie Apostol-Pizzuti, owner of the Wigs to Wellness cancer care boutique in Windsor, Ontario, addresses the questions and concerns women cancer patients have but don't know who to turn to for answers. In a best-friend tone, Jackie offers the same advice and lessons in the book that she does to her in-person clients. Chapters range from how to deal with hair loss, preventing infections, skin & nail care, chemo brain (cognitive impairment of chemotherapy) and much more. Advice comes not only from Jackie, but from women cancer survivors sharing their stories — called Soul Sisters in the book.

Healing Pretty offers over 300 tips, resources and shopping guides, all in a purse-sized book women can easily take with them to appointments and shopping for wigs, mastectomy bras and more. In addition, Healing Pretty is professionally researched and cited, so women can be confident of the medically-sound advice it offers.

Healing Pretty's Indiegogo campaign focuses on finalizing the design and content of second edition, printing copies at volume discounts to pass on the savings to cancer patients, and providing free copies to those in financial need and to non-profit organizations and cancer centers across North America.

Backers can choose from a range of perks including price discounts on Healing Pretty, Skype consultations with the author, memorial dedications and boxes of books delivered to the organization of their choice.

The Indiegogo campaign runs until October 30, 2018, and you can learn more here:

About Jackie Apostol-Pizzuti
Jackie Apostol-Pizzuti has helped thousands of women heal from cancer with dignity. A licensed hair stylist for over 25 years and the owner of Wigs to Wellness and The Mastectomy Boutique, she started thinking about writing a book after seeing the stress her clients were going through, coming to her filled with anxiety and questions. With no comprehensive book or resource to give them or point to, she created a one-stop resource with information, tips, ideas, and inspiration she gathered from her years of expertise, research and directly from clients. Jackie is also a licensed wig specialist and certified mastectomy fitter.