Healthy Eating Is Finally Practical with the OGarden

In the competitive, modern world, it is harder than ever to keep healthy eating habits. Economic and time pressure make this challenge nearly impossible. Here to help is the OGarden.


Brussels, Belgium -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/16/2016 --Excessive weight and obesity are becoming growing problems around the world. In fact, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that thirty-nine percent of adults worldwide were classified as overweight. This statistic does not even account for the over one in ten people who are classified as obese.* Yet the world's gross product is on the rise, leading many to question why exactly is an improving population of people failing to maintain its health. The answer chalks up to fiscal and time based expenses. People in this working world are unable to spare the time and money required to purchase healthier food options. This is where the OGarden comes into play. The OGarden is the all-in-one solution to growing healthy and organic foods affordably. In this way, the OGarden avoids the inconvenience of traveling to an organic grocery story and the expense of purchasing heavily marked-up products.

Unlike other planters, the OGarden put a focus on affordability and capacity. While many traditional planters end up costing its users more or the same amount as buying its vegies, the OGarden advertises its ability to produce a vegetable for just twenty cents. These savings really do add up, providing higher quality, home-grown goods for a fraction of the price. As for capacity, the OGarden is able to grow and nurture one hundred plants at a time. This method of bulk production enables the planter to produce enough produce for up to four people, completely replacing the need for a family to buy inorganic alternatives from a mainstream grocery store. And by growing these plants at home, the typical environmental damage of transport and pesticide use is completely avoided. These design foci make the OGarden the most practical planter on the market.

The planter itself works by rotating a hollowed disk with a nearly three foot diameter that is internally lined with plants. In the center of the cylinder is a lamp, providing the needed light for plant growth. The lamps location combined with the slow rotation of the planter ensures that all plants get enough light to thrive. The rotation serves to strengthen the root systems of the plants, resulting in healthier, hardier products. Sadly, producing a problem as innovative as this one is a leap of faith with massive monetary risk. To minimize this risk, the OGarden has opened up for pre-orders with shipping available world-wide via a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Donors will be treated to a discount of one hundred EUR off the OGarden's standard price. With proper support, OGarden truly can make healthy options affordable.

To learn more about or pre-order the OGarden visit the Kickstarter campaign page.

Ryan Scott
Starwood Creations