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Hebei Saiheng Company Invested 50 Million for New Wafer Product Line


Shijiazhuang, Hebei -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/12/2017 --Hebei Saiheng Company announced that they had invested 50 million for the establishment of the wafer biscuits food factory which was officially opened in July 2017.

Wafer biscuits are always hot buy products in every market. The whole process, from raw material, blending of batter, drying, coating, cutting and packaging etc., can not get rid of machines. Therefore, a good equipment decides the taste and color of wafer biscuits. The process of food is related to safety of every consumer. And the manufacturing of the food process machine requires more of the attitude for perfection.

Besides the quality of food production, the standards to estimate a machine focus on its ability of waste reduction and the maximum use of raw materials. Hebei Saiheng Food Process Equipment Co., Ltd. integrates the advanced structures in the world, which solves the high cost in the production of wafer biscuits and the problem of big color difference on the surface of cookies.

About Hebei Saiheng Food Process Equipment Co., Ltd.
Hebei Saiheng Food Process Equipment Co., Ltd. provides the machines with different dimensions and specifications to meet clients' different demands. It can completely adapt to different production scale of customers. The equipment of the production line includes the material process system, automatic adding of material, tunnel oven, sheet delivery machine, sheet cooling machine, coating machine, sheet cutting machine etc. Its structure is compact with good stability and has become the ideal equipment in the industry of food.

Product quality is the life line of an enterprise. The pursuit of mechanical quality for Hebei Saiheng can be seen from the workshop of production, the spacious plant, the regular machine place, the standardized operation ensure that all the mechanical equipment delivered from the workshop are the good handicraft with no fault. From the polishing, assembly to the trial, each process is updated by a special staff to ensure the supply of the production equipment with good quality to the customers and it also cares about the health of the end consumers from the source.