Hebei Saiheng Food Processing Equipment Co.,Ltd

Hebei Saiheng Food Process Equipment Co, Ltd Plans to Enter US Food Production Market


Shijiazhuang, Hebei -- (ReleaseWire) -- 07/14/2017 --"Our next sales target is to compete for the market in the United States!" President Guo of Hebei Saiheng Food Process Equipment Co, Ltd. declared. " And we have this ability. We use the components made by international enterprises. Most of our customers are international enterprises."

Commonly seen wafer biscuits on the market are the products of crossborder brands such as Nestle and Kraft. But where the process equipment of these brands comes from. Transnational brands have a very high need for the suppliers, the competition between the suppliers is also fierce, but Hebei Saiheng still got the qualification. During the production, it not only introduced the brand parts, but also absorbed the essence of the international advanced equipment, it has sold the food process equipments to many countries such as the Great Britain, Japan, Ireland, France, Africa, Algeria etc. The next target is the United States.

As a verndor of these transnational brands, Hebei Saiheng has to maintain a tougher need for the quality of its equipments, which gradually makes Saiheng as the leader of international food production equipments industry. "if you want to know our secret, it must be quality." said President Guo.

"Seek survival with quality, seek development with reputation", this purpose is the only standard that has been persisted by Hebei Saiheng. The process equipment for wafer biscuits produced by Hebei Saiheng may enable the food manufacturers to easily make mass production with the high automation,low maintenance rate and a greatly improved output.

Whether the wafer biscuits is delicious or not, the process equipment is the key. Many enterprises may put their effort on frequent promotions in the shopping malls and supermarkets. But they do not want invest on quality. While Hebei Saiheng can help food process enterprises win in the first place.