Heels Republic Scouts and Offers Newest, Global High Heel Trends

The online store Heels Republic launches its unique first collection of trendy, affordable, elegant, and sexy high-heeled footwear.


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 06/14/2013 --The company, which specializes in scouting and offering high heel and shoe trend from around the globe, has just unveiled its online store at www.heelsrepublic.com this month. The e-store features a vast array of footwear of different styles and heel heights, although most of the products are at least 3 inches in heel height.

Nils Kauwertz, Founder of Heels Republic, describes what makes the site and its collection different from the competition:

“What makes us stand out is our unique selection of sexy and classy heels that you will not find anywhere else. We scout the globe for unique styles and trends. Our other main cornerstone is our commitment to excellent customer service.”

He also says that one of the motivations for opening the online shoe store is the observation by several of his female friends, that many of the high heels sold on the Web are often either too conservative or too tacky.

He notices that footwear that does appeal to the customer is usually priced at sky-high rates, as the said product is usually found at very costly designer boutiques.

This glaring gap in the market inspired him and some of his colleagues to make it their mission to find the “sexiest, classiest and cutest high heels and women’s boots worldwide.”

“In that quest we noticed that we can offer the best variety at affordable prices if we work together directly with producers. From there, our unique business model developed,” says Mr. Kauwertz.

Heels Republic adds another plus to its shoe-selling strategy – the ability to ship orders directly to the customer from any of their suppliers in the U.S., Italy, China, and Japan.

Because of this, one can own an enviable and unique pair of heels sourced overseas without the hassle. The free shipping and easy returns policy even makes international shoe shopping at Heels Republic an even more fearless and fun experience.

The site classifies footwear by style: high heels, women’s boots, wedges, pumps, sandals, and other styles. Each category showcases shoes by color to make it easier for customers to browse available footwear.

The site offers a vast selection of trendy, high-quality, and finely crafted shoes suitable for all kinds of occasions – formal, casual, daily use, and also for special events. A good number of the footwear featured combine 2 types of material or colors, making them more versatile than the average high heel. Many of the shoes can be sophisticated enough for evening wear and still be chic and relevant for day use, which adds more value to each product purchase.

Prices are all under $100, ranging between $49 and $89, which are comfortably within the reach of most high heel lovers around the world. These rates are a steal considering that the products are all made with high-quality materials by hand.

To view the collection at Heels Republic, visit the official website at www.heelsrepublic.com.

About Heels Republic
Heels Republic is a Web-based shoe retailing company founded by Nils Kauwertz. The online store sells a vast collection of heeled footwear, as well as flat varieties, to a global audience, sourcing its products from suppliers in the U.S., China, Italy, and Japan.