Help Ensure Quality Sleep with the Floating Comfort Pillow

Sleep, and especially comfort during sleep, are often at the front of the public’s mind. Here to silence those worries is the adaptive Floating Comfort Pillow.


Brooklyn, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/21/2016 --Sleep is an essential part of human life; it's necessary in order to function in any capacity. Comfort during resting hours is an important factor in gaining the rest necessary to live a happy life. Uncomfortable sleep may as well not be sleep at all, as the entire night is spent tossing and turning in hope of finding that perfect comfortable position. Perhaps the most important factor in finding a comfortable night's rest is the achieving the proper firmness of the pillow. Some people prefer firmer pillows, while others prefer softer ones. The Floating Comfort™ Pillow was created in order to solve this problem by allowing the user to adjust the pillow's firmness to your individual comfort preference.

The adjusting of the comfort level is a very simple process. The waterbase chamber lies at the bottom of the pillow, supporting the soft upper level of CombedLoft™ polyester fiber. By opening the valve located at the pillow's bottom, water can be added or removed. The varying water level determines the firmness of the pillow: less water results in a much softer pillow, while more water makes the pillow harder.

The other significant benefit of the exclusive waterbase design is that the waterbase responds to head movement as you sleep and automatically reshapes itself to maintain optimal support all night long. This means that you can sleep with less interruptions because the need to fluff and re-stuff after you move is eliminated. The result, as detailed in a Johns Hopkins clinical study, is improved sleep quality and a reduction of neck pain.

Another innovation packed into the Floating Comfort Pillows is the CombedLoft™ Fiber. The hypoallergenic fiber is specially combed allow improved air circulation and it remains cool as the night goes on.

Unfortunately, innovation of this caliber comes at a cost. Already, Maurice Bard and his team have invested hundreds of hours as well as thousands of dollars in order to see the Floating Comfort Pillow come to fruition. This has created a shortage of funds that, for now, has stalled the further development of the Floating Comfort pillow brand. In order to remedy this, the team has launched a crowdfunding campaign. Rewards for donating range from a book on helpful sleep tips for donations of ten dollars or more, to a full Floating Comfort Pillow (valued at ninety-nine US dollars) for donations of fifty dollars or more. With the support of the readers, the men and women at Floating Comfort can promote better sleep around the world.

To learn more or support the Floating Comfort Pillow visit the Kickstarter campaign page.