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Columbia, SC -- (ReleaseWire) -- 01/21/2016 --A hug is, in most cases, a daily human experience and yet these truly uplifting and comforting embraces are often taken for granted. Scientific research has proven that there are more than just emotional benefits to giving or receiving a hug, there are also positive effects towards our physiological wellbeing. Thankfully, the revolutionary LuvHugz Pillow is now readily available as a product that imitates the feeling a person can get from a hug, without requiring any assistance! LuvHugz Pillows have their own arms, which can be attached together when in a hugging position. The LuvHugz concept is growing at an increasing rate and with a wide variety of fabric choices the LuvHugz movement is truly taking over!

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Recent studies have produced evidence that there is a proven reduction of heart rate and cortisol levels following a genuine, caring hug. This creates a flow-on effect of reduced stress and anxiety levels and improved sleep patterns. Additionally the emotional benefits of a hug can include assisting with an increased sense of belonging in social interactions, which is a vital part of health and wellbeing. The founder of LuvHugz, Tanji Dark is a natural creative who believes in the power of love, and in particular the power of a warm hug. She speaks of her four year-long project as a vision to spread love and is a real-life example of how love and hugs can strengthen bonds and provide comfort during difficult times.

About LuvHugz
LuvHugz have been designed specifically for hugging, with comfort and affection in mind. The Luvhugz include two poly-filled arms attached to a standard sized pillow with removable pillow cases available in a huge variety of colours and designs. Tanji has thought out every situation where a LuvHugz pillow might be useful and has designs to suit each occasion. She describes LuvHugz as a thoughtful alternative to a store bought card or gift and calls them 'huggable greeting cards'. LuvHugz have already reached astonishing popularity, with new designs being released as a show of support alongside the LuvHugz Crowdfunding Campaign. There are now options for military personnel to send to their loved ones back home, as well as specific male and female coloured choices.
Sending a personalized, huggable LuvHugz Pillow is a thoughtful way to show love and affection to loved ones, support LuvHugz Pillows Kickstarter campaign today!