Herpes Cure? - Don't Get Fooled-Stop Herpes Fast

Studies of herpes patient populations show that daily use of the FENVIR™ treatment can significantly increase immune strength and drastically reduce cold sore and genital herpes reactivation rates — even in people who had minimal or no success with other oral and genital herpes "cures," including acyclovir.


New York, NY -- (ReleaseWire) -- 11/18/2013 --The innovative and scientifically researched compounds found in FENVIR™ provide results that create a stark night-and-day difference between FENVIR™ and other herpes remedies. The chemical compounds in prescribed herpes remedies use ingredients that have been batted around for years with limited effectiveness for many genital herpes and herpes labialis sufferers.

The FENVIR™ herpes remedy utilizes a Four-Part System comprised of four unique Bio-Complexes:
DNA Protective-Alkalizing Complex
Stress-Relieving Complex
Antioxidant-Bioflavonoid Complex
Aggressive Immunizing-Antiviral Complex
This four-pronged multi-faceted attack on these cunning viruses is what makes FENVIR™ treatment so effective and so popular.

Together these ingredients work against viral outbreaks like no other!

Many herpes sufferers have already tried practically everything on the market, and found that nothing really suited their needs the way they'd like. None of the so-called "cures" have been effective, and whatever most remedies don't work as well as they claim. This is because antiviral manufacturers have been using the same old ingredients developed in the 1970s and 1980s - over three decades old, at this point - without any recent innovations. While these types of treatment were exponentially better than the lack of treatment offered before the 1980's, the world has kept moving on. Large pharmaceutical companies would rather keep every cent of profit from people's illnesses rather than invest their money in developing cures or improving their treatment for oral and genital herpes.

Thankfully, there is a newly-researched, all-natural remedy that is available without prescription. This incredible remedy is a safe, advanced, and multifaceted herpes treatment that overwhelms and keeps the virus sealed and subdued — rendering it incapable of surfacing and turning into embarrassing sores. Cures for HSV-1, HSV-2, and shingles, may not exist but FENVIR™ can keep outbreaks from occuring - which is the next best thing!

People with herpes need a super-powerful, super-effective, all-natural antiviral that aggressively halts viral reactivation, transfer, and replication thereby inhibiting outbreaks and outbreak-associated lesions — while lowering the chance of transmitting the virus to others. FENVIR™ is the antiviral that can provide all of this relief!

All of the benefits of FENVIR™ are available in a single pill-based treatment to stop viral attacks in their tracks! Thousands of people - right now - are using this advanced, all-natural, broad-spectrum antiviral pill to ambush and neutralize the in their hiding places before they can escape and do further harm. FENVIR™ cures away active lesions while holding the virus at bay where it cannot resurface an cause more harm.

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CBT is proud to provide the best all-natural herpes antiviral treatment on the market. It is our desire to help mitigate the discomfort, pain, and embarrassment that hundreds of thousands of people who suffer from HSV 1 & 2 feel. We hope to provide the best possible treatment and support for our valued customers.