Hi Slider

Hi Slider Is Introduced as the Best and Free jQuery Image Slidehshow Builder

Hi Slider, a free jquery image slideshow builder, now provides users with great features such as transition effects, previews, and project saving plus the ability to publish sliders in four versions.


Hong Kong -- (ReleaseWire) -- 09/13/2013 --Hi Slider is a new and free jquery image slideshow builder that enables users to create image sliders in HTML5 format. Templates, skins, and transitions are available to customize each slider and create a unique banner experience on a website. Users can publish as many images as they want, automatically fit them to the slider, and integrate YouTube or Vimeo videos.

The features most beneficial to users include the ten transition effects which come with the software. These enable images not just to be added to a website. Attractive visual effects make them fit in perfectly while allowing the site design to draw the visitor in even more. Transitions can be set for each file, differently every time, so the user can choose unique combinations.

Hi Slider also enables the user to preview the result of their design immediately, taking the guesswork out of their project. Each time they change a feature, they can see this preview. In addition, they can see how each slider looks in Firefox, Google Chrome, or Internet Explorer before they output the file. Another great feature is Project Save, which lets designers store their slider on file if they must go back to it later, or refer to it for another project.

With the Hi Slider software, users also have the option of publishing sliders in four versions. They can publish in a Basic, HTML version or a WordPress plug-in, Joomla module, or Drupal module. The software, therefore, can meet the needs of most webmasters on most projects. It provides the flexibility and simplicity to create graphic designs without professional experience. Webmasters can create sliders in little time and publish them directly to their sites.

For more information on Hi Slider and its beneficial features, plus several available templates to incorporate, go to http://www.hislider.com/free-jquery-slider-maker.html.

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