High-Intensity Interval Training Trend Is a Total-Body Fitness Option for Busy Lifestyles

NineFit Equips Customers To Get Fit From Home


London, UK -- (ReleaseWire) -- 08/31/2020 --The Fitness industry in Europe is enormous, second only in terms of revenue to North America. Europeans have widely embraced fitness, pouring their assets into fitness clubs, personal training, and especially gear and equipment such that countries like Germany are seeing revenue in excess of 5bn EUR annually.

Although health clubs and gyms remain a relatively popular option, the Fitness industry has seen a tremendous shift over the past decade towards making working out from home more accessible. Previously, having a home gym or being able to get a total-body workout from your living room or backyard was something only celebrities could do, but shifting trends are making this simple luxury available to everyone.

High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is one of the latest trends in the world of Fitness, and incidentally, there are tons of HIIT options consumers can do from home. HIIT involves short periods of intense exercise - or as intense as your body can handle. Most HIIT routines last from around 15-30 minutes, and include a number of short bursts of exercise followed by short rest periods.

What makes HIIT routines so appealing to home-workout-enthusiasts is that they can easily be done at home with little to no adaptation. Lots of HIIT workouts require zero equipment, and those tools that are useful for more advanced athletes are easy to find if you know where to look. Online retailers like NineFit are making it easier than ever before for European consumers to access high-quality workout gear without ever leaving their homes.

NineFit - managed by parent company Handelnine Global - is a premium online retailer of high-quality fitness gear and accessories. A company dedicated to bringing its customers the latest in home-fitness trends & technology, NineFit's inventory is constantly expanding to include the most in-demand and popular items like HIIT equipment and gear.

NineFit carries must-have gear for HIIT-lovers like battle ropes, high-speed jump ropes, slam balls, kettlebells, resistance bands, and even larger equipment like ellipticals and stationary bikes for advanced at-home indoor cardio. Now, thanks to recent expansions, customers throughout the EU can have these items and more delivered directly to their homes.

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